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Just a couple of quick questions, since I'm not finding anything regarding this area... I'm adding options to the Gender list. I notice that the two main default ones have a list name of Man/Woman, but their titles are _Male and _Female, with the "Title Additional" field of _LookInMale & _LookInFemale.If I add a term of "Non-Binary", does the title need to be "_Non-Binary" or can it just be "Non-Binary"? And does the "Title Additional" need to be "_LookInNon-Binary", blank or is there another option that it needs to be? So far, I'm leaving that one blank. And is there anything special about the Data field that I need to add anything to? Thanks!To all of the developers...keep up the awesome work!
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The three vertical dots disappears after you promote or demote a post, photo, etc. You have to refresh the page for it to reappear.* if there's a better way to do bug reports, just let me know.
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Reinstalled 11.0.4 (via cPanel this time) and entered a new key/secret (new subdomain, since I have been having a string of 500 errors). Tried to access the app store and got a URI error. Ran the SQL statement to enable the RC12B1 channel and tried to access the app store again. NO LUCK!"THE REDIRECT URI PROVIDED IS MISSING OR DOES NOT MATCH"The URI portion of the link: &redirect_uri=https {colon} // newsite {dot} potterswheelent {dot} org / studio / store {dot} php?page=goodies&scope=market&state=rPPHjxmwc28Bhqfj2QtvI get this no matter which tab I click on.***** You know...for those of us who are new and are trying to get help with stuff like this, trying to post a link (or a portion thereof) or a screenshot isn't allowed, which vastly hinders the process!!!  This is really starting to piss a person off.
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I started this as a comment, but figured it should go here instead.I installed 11.0.4. Had a couple configuration issues, but nothing big. Although I was wondering why ffmpeg.exe is used in a UNIX environment installation.I tried to install many of the free modules, but couldn't due to them all being for 12.0.0. I couldn't find any way to upgrade, so I searched here and found a SQL statement. Ran that and the button appeared. HOWEVER, it won't actually update to RC12. It acts like it's going to, but doesn't. It's been about 24 hours, enough time for a cron job to run, and it still hasn't updated.My question is this... Since this is a brand new, fresh, install, with only the initial configurations done, is there a best way to handle this other than to delete everything and start fresh with uploading the RC12B1 files? Or can I just overwrite the installation with the new files and be good to go?I have people anxiously awaiting for this site to get off the ground (some, for obvious reasons that we all know about), and I am extremely excited to get the ball rolling.
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