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Mayki, I love your work just by the type of posts you share.

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Hi, one of our member has a problem - on top of the page where it is an icon for Messenger there is always displayed as "1" unreaded message:


I switched to his profile as administrator and checked his lots and non of them shows as unreaded. I have restarted jot_server and cleared cache....

So, I wonder where to find and correct the miscounting in DB (mysql) ? I couldn't find the relations or mapings between lot numbers, member ID, Profile ID....

Can someone help me?

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when trying to check "Comments" from Dashboard:


I got:HTTP ERROR 500

From error.log I can see this:

PHP Fatal error:  Uncaught Error: Attempt to modify property "_oConfig" on null in /una-home-dir/template/scripts/BxBaseCmtsGridAdministration.php:77
\nStack trace:
\n#0 /una-home-dir/template/scripts/BxBaseCmtsGridAdministration.php(68): BxBaseCmtsGridAdministration->_getFilterSelectOne()
\n#1 /una-home-dir/template/scripts/BxBaseGrid.php(260): BxBaseCmtsGridAdministration->_getFilterControls()
\n#2 /una-home-dir/template/scripts/BxBaseCmtsGridAdministration.php(21): BxBaseGrid->getCode()
\n#3 /una-home-dir/template/scripts/BxBaseCmtsServices.php(125): BxBaseCmtsGridAdministration->getCode()
\n#4 /una-home-dir/inc/classes/BxDolRequest.php(129): BxBaseCmtsServices->serviceManageTools()
\n#5 /una-home-dir/inc/classes/BxDolRequest.php(57): BxDolRequest::_perform()
\n#6 /una-home-dir/inc/classes/BxDolService.php(52): BxDolRequest::processAsService()
\n#7 /una-home-dir/inc/classes/BxDolService.php(82): BxDolS...', referer: https://........../page/dashboard

UNA 12.1.0, PHP8.0 Apache2 server

Any help please?

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What would be the cause for this warnings:

PHP Warning:  Array to string conversion in una-directory/inc/classes/BxDolTemplate.php on line 2523
PHP Warning:  Array to string conversion in una-directory/inc/classes/BxDolTemplate.php on line 2523

I always receive two identical lines on e-mail. Any thoughts/clues about that?

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when on someone's Profile page (view-persons-profile?id=xxxx) we have this "Info block" where we can see profile info like "Added", "Updated" etc.

I would like to add a line like "Last seen" or "Last seen on page" and I can't figure it out how to do that:


Can someone help?

Best regards


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since server upgrade to Ubuntu 22.04 (Apache2 ver.2.4.52, php8.0 and mysql ver.8.0.31)

the duration of videos uploaded and transcoded doesn't show the actual duration but it shows 00:00 instead.


The video duration time was OK before.

What part of the server is responsible for this function to work? php?

Any suggestions?

Thank you.


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UNA ver. 12.1.0 and Protean ver.12.0.4 but there is already version 13.0.4.

Why is that not upgrading?

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I am trying to search and Community but search doesn't work....

The page works but when entering a keyword at the top of where search icon is ant then press Enter the Error occur.


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Reposted trunky's discussion.

How can I delete a report (like on persons or photos)?

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