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Please help anyone who understands it.

How to set up redirects?

Examples include online*me sites.

online*me / redirect?url=****%3A%2F%2F****amazon*coom%2FAustralian-Tea-Tree-Oil-for-Skin-Essential%2Fdp%2FB07FCNW3JK
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Unable to update.

Error as in attachment.

Never edited the file, but the error appears 🤦

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How do I set the time in my desired language?

I don't find any "time language" like "1 hour ago".

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I'm a new UNA user, and just now, I installed this script as a test. I like it very much. Very attractive appearance and very advanced features.

Let me introduce myself to mFero from Indonesia.

Is it possible to purchase modules using Indonesian currency?

Because I saw several modules with very varying prices and they were considered good, some were expensive, some were cheap.

And is it possible by upgrading your account to VIP/Premium to get full access rights to download modules? (biggest hope for me).

Thank you 🙏

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