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Deutsche Sprachversion - Noichl IT-Management
German translation Version DU

Original translation (for 54 modules)

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After changing the design in another Protean style it causes a nginx error 502 ‚Bad Gateway“



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1. upgrading from Una 9 to Una 10

2. one app has versions for example 9.3, 9.4, 9.5, 10.0

If before upgrading the app was 9.4 and now we are on Una 10.0 there is no chance to update the app anymore. Only 9.5 to 10.0 will be successful.

I think the only way for the app is now to delete it and install it completely new.In worst case all manual settings of the app are lost.

Or have someone an idea to solve this problem without reinstalling the app?

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I have some problems with ReCaptcha on Una 10

Here ReCaptcha is wrong with missing image:


Here all is ok:


But both websites have the same parameters by settings ReCaptcha with the correct google ReCaptcha public and private keys  

I don’t see any differences between the two websites. Has someone a idea where the problem is?

Before updating from Una 9 to 10 ReCaptcha was ok on both websites without any problem. 

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