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I have a user that is being harassed by another.

Is there a function whereby a user can block another so they don't see their posts, and cant be contacted by the other?

Like a block list. Once you add a member's name to that list you wont see or heard from them.

Does this exist?

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It makes sense that all membership levels should see the small three dots icon in the top right of posts and be able to report content.

When objectionable content it posted moderators and admins want to know!

@Alex T⚜️ can we put this in the list of improvements?


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My UNA site uses https://my.jotserver.com/ for messenger.

Seems this service is down - is there an alternative?

Otherwise - do I need to install a jot server on my server to have messenger work again?

Thanks for any help.

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As per the title - UNA 13 -is there a list of features / upgrades from UNA 12?

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Hi all,

Have searched everywhere in studio in Navigation app and I can't find what the name of the menu is in Lucid when you click on your profile pic in the top right corner.  I need to find the name of that menu and then disable "create a new profile".

In my view, this "create a new profile" button should not be on by default - I would guess in 99.9% of cases the user doesn't want to create multiple profiles. My experience is it confuses users.Thanks in advance for some help on this one.

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