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Is there a feature already or planned to put content moderation policy in place? For instance we do not want users to share links, emails and phone numbers as part of their posts?

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    • The most parts of your request can be setup in the "Antispam" app. Especially the "STOPFORUMSPAM" area, which provides:

      Stop Forum Spam is a free service that records reports of spam on forums, blogs and wikis to name a few. All these records are then made available to you search and view but most importantly, to access in an automated way to block suspected spammers before they can get in the front door. Everyone is familiar with more traditional "solve the word" systems to prevent abuse, Stop Forum Spam is a targeted and specialized solution to help stop abuse of your website. 

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      Where in the studio can we view reports from users when they report a post as spam?

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        Hi, we are considering UNA as our social platform and wanted to know if there are any built-in ways to get reports on post engagement such as comments, likes, re-posts. It would also be great if it included engagement with media contained in the post such as how many times the video was played, how many unique users played it, and how long before moving on to another post?

        Andrew Boon 

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        My png text logo is giving me fits. The alignment seems to be unaffected by the changes I make even though I clear the browser caches and the app caches, too. Any ideas?

        Is svg format supported?

        Also, is the logo converted to high resolution for retina screens. Or is it uploaded double in size (2x) and reduced by the una app according to the user's device?

        Thank you.

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        Video post

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