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Enable Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) using Time-based One Time Password ( TOTP ) from your smartphone.This is how it works:Users scan the secret QR to enroll in the 2FA authentication.On login with their email and password, there is an extra security layer where it asks for the 6 digits code generated with the APP.They write down the code and they continue as usualEasy and 100% free.Your users don't even need to have a SIM card or internet in their devices to generate the code. Codes expire every 30 seconds.According to security experts, TOTP two factor authentication is more secure than SMS 2FA.Tested compatibility with Google Authenticator, Microsoft Authenticator, FreeOTP, Authy and others.Important: In this first version we didn't test compatibility with the 2FA from Twilio, you probably have to disable the UNA built in 2FA to use this one. We will add compatibility so users can choose if use SMS or TOTP.Works on UNA 12 and UNA 13 (BETA 4) #MSolutions
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This is the perfect tool for monetization, users can make money while they have fun, they now have an incentive to stay in the website and create content or participate in chat 1 on 1 with others.Add a new and fun way to interact with each others. Have fun sending virtual gifts!It works with a single click, once you click on the virtual gift, it is sent and the other user gets the virtual gift and the credits.Administrator can change the prices, add/remove/disable/edit the virtual gifts.It includes 70 virtual gifts!It works out of the box.Each virtual gift has a different price.Compatible with Persons, Organizations, Messenger, Groups, etc. To withdraw the credits you use the credits module. The admin can disable credits withdrawal in case cashing out is not needed.Important. Before installing it, make sure you have Payments module and Credits module installed and enabled.CHANGELOG:Version 1.0.1Fixed problem with UNA 12 and old credits vesion.
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Powerful tool for website admins and developers.Add, edit and delete files from/to your website.*You can edit PHP files, txt files, remove files from your server, download any file. You can create and delete directories too.This module helps you to debug your website and making custom work on it.If you are a website owner and do not have ftp access to your website, this module is perfect for you, you can download the errors log file from your website and send it to the module's developer.It includes 2 editors for plain text files (a simple editor and an advanced file editor).It includes an Emergency Console.A stand alone page where you can access using a different user/password, very useful if your website is broken for any reason.On install, you will receive an automated email with the Emergency Console credentials (randomly generated for you). This helps to keep editing your website's files even if your website is broken and is unable to load the entire website.*Be careful when editing/deleting files, before making any change please do a full backup using your hosting panel so you can recover your website in case the change breaks the website or you delete an entire directory by mistake. Edit/delete files cannot be undone but you can create a copy or backup of the file before editing using this module. If you don't know what are you doing, we recommend you to ask or hire a developer to do it for you.
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We will install UNA software in your shared hosting, vps or dedicated.This is the base software installation only, in case you need any extra custom work, please send us a private message with the details of it.
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