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We will install UNA software in your shared hosting, vps or dedicated.

This is the base software installation only, in case you need any extra custom work, please send us a private message with the details of it.

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We will install OvenMediaEngine in your VPS or Dedicated server and setup your Streams module.

This is a service for customers who need help to setup their Streams module.

  • Prerequisites:
  • You need to have Streams Module installed in your server ( )
  • You need to have a Virtual Private Server or a Dedicated server.
  • Your server must have Ubuntu, CentOS or Fedora Operating System
  • You need to have root access to the server. (We will need this in a private message)

The service will be done in less than 72 hours after you send us your server details.

After the installation, you will be able to use the Stream module and allow users to do live streaming using any compatible broadcasting software or using their webcam. Users will be able to record their own stream. They can publish their recordings to the videos module after the streaming is finished.

We installed successfully this for LAPIXI.COM

To test the OvenMediaEngine, you can create an account in his website and start a Stream using your webcam or any streaming software.

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    Every new module and update released will be added here in the comments section. If you want to report a bug please add a new discussion adding the steps to reproduce the issue and tag us so we can find it and fix it.

    If you want a new feature in any of our modules, please send the details in a private message, we might add it on a future update or if you want to fund the update, we can make it happen faster.

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      Users can mark their content as NSFW (Not Safe For Work or Not Suitable For Work).

      If the content is marked, it will display an image and a text

      They can click in that image to load the content.

      The module remembers what content has been unlocked by the user

      image_transcoder.php?o=sys_images_editor&h=471&dpx=2&t=1655482816<- This new button will appear, if clicked the individual content will be locked again. This button shows up only if the top switch is off, so users can see/hide individual content.

      There is a switch in the settings area, if enabled, they can see all NSFW content without having to unlock one by one.

      There is now a switcher in the top menu, if enabled they can see all NSFW content. If they disable it, all NSFW content gets locked again.

      Compatible with Posts, Forum (Discussions), Timeline, Photos, Videos, Albums, Market, Ads, Tiktak Short Videos and all other Content based Modules.

      Compatible with UNA 12 and UNA 13

      Test the NSFW module in our demo website:


      • Version 1.1.0 - June 17, 2022
      • - Tiktak Short Videos Compatibility added
      • - NSFW switcher added to the top menu.
      • - New button added to each individual content previously unlocked to hide it.
      • - Several Improvements in timeline


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        • Purchased the NSFW module and it is nearly perfect. A big flaw is the main purpose for NSFW is that it hides offensive content from being seen on the screen. In this module if a user clicks the blurred image it is shown and stays seen. The downside is theres no way to quickly hide that or any previously unhidden content again.

          We had custom NSFW work done by another developer on our site which filters NSFW from being seen at all but theres a toggle switch in top menu. Any time user wishes to show "NSFW" content they toggle the switch. It automatically reloads the browser with NSFW seen/filtered depending on its selection.

          If you can implement this functionality your module will be perfect. Also, if you wanted to offer administrator option of having blurred image or simple filter so NSFW isn't seen anywhere on site unless checked that would be an option.

          Keep up the good work. As of now we are deciding if we are going to stick with the custom work done on our site or with this NSFW module purchased.

          • Hi Everquin, LLC!

            Thank you for buying our modules and supporting our work.

            There is a new update, we recommend to disable and enable the module after the update to apply some new changes.

            Users now have a switch on the top menu to see/hide all the NSFW content.

            Users now can see/hide each content individually.

            We are going to implement new features in other updates. Thank you for your feedback.


            • Awesome. We downloaded it and the on/off filter at top is perfect. Noticed one minor glitch when you click the "view" in timeline when it goes from blurred image to unfiltered the post slides behind other timeline content. We've cleared all cache and tried but still does this when transitioning from NSFW hidden to viewed on individual items. We are using Protean template on UNA 12 for reference. Otherwise this is a must have mod for anyone looking to help moderate content without banning mature/adult posts

              • Noticed one minor glitch when you click the "view" in timeline when it goes from blurred image to unfiltered the post slides behind other timeline content.

                Thank you for your report, we will fix it on the next update.

                We are really happy that you like our module.


              • Only other suggestion would be if you toggle the top to filtering NSFW that any previously individual posts would go back to NSFW filtered as well. Again, just as a quick way to make sure all mature content is hidden with click of that toggle switch. Again, amazingly functional and beneficial mod

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