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Setting an upload limit in permissions doesn't seem to apply to profile pics, which in turn allows me to upload and submit a 200mb jpg which crashes the entire website and makes all profile pictures fail to load. the website is gone for about 5-20 minutes (depending on how big the file is, we tried a lot) and it comes back either okay, or with missing images, which has to be reuploaded to get resolved. Is there a way to set upload limit for profile pics, and if yes, do so separately from the permission limit, because even 25mb seems to cripple the website for a bit. I'd ideally have 1.5mb for profile pic, and retain 25mb for standard users.

any help would be appreciated. I have access to the ftp, so I can change scripts if needed, just need to know what files to mess with so I don't irreversibly destroy the website lol Idm if this fix applies to admins as well, I just don't want my entire installation to crash whenever someone changes their profile picture.

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Idk what to do here, I've lost 80 bucks on this module (Messages pro) and I'm unable to download the plugin. What do I do? Una support isn't getting back to me, and the vendor doesn't respond either (Adultdate). Someone please advice.

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Anyone got a way to get the messages pro module by adultdate? I paid for it with credits, and i'm not able to download it.

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