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HiI noticed that the link to invite friends to join group isnt shown to members of group. Only creator of the group and site admin see the invite link in group menu? I can see the link in studio in groups nav.sets and it it set to be visible to anyone but user who joined it cant see the link therefore cant invite more friends...It it normal operation or there is some settings to do? Spent 2 hours trying to figure it out/find it but nothing.Thanks in advance.
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I added 2 videos on my timeline..looks good.. in upper right corner a notification show up sayin "member" added timeline post with if I type my name in search block it will show language key instead of ..."with video"I have checked lang keys in studio and it is there. compiling/restoring eng lang doesnt do anything.Is there any solution for this? Thanks in advance.
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Im trying to copy sitewide search box from upper left corner to upper right corner members area next to sign out button.I was able to copy it add it there and it shows and opens.. but when it opens it stays there for about 2 sec and the whole page refreshes which cancels open search box. Is there a way to add working search box there? Thanks in advance.
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Im not sure if this is a glitch or im doing something wrong.When trying to add or edit birthday using MOBILE Phone I get this picker? The only option to get to my date is to click to the left. Me being 50 years old, it takes over 110 clicks. Picker is ok using laptop i can scroll years, months.I had to make it non mandatory. Is there a way to to fix this? Thanks in advance!
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