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Hi all,when I have the Protean Dark template turned on, in the video preview (PLYR) can't see video time .. in the template Protean Lite, Decorous, Lucid it's alright .. is it possible to set it somehow?Thank you
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Hi all ,I pasted the code into designer-injections to display the weather .. it looks great, but when I scroll the page down, the header scrolls as well .. how do i make the header firmly on topThank you for help
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hello, I have translated UNA to CZ, but I want to use CZ and EN  .. now it is English by default, but translated into CZ. .. how do I rename or set the English to Czech so I can use both?   do you understand what i mean :)
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Hello,this message began to appear to me -- what it means and how to fix it ? There is a problem with the server or the UNATrying to access array offset on value of type bool in /www/hosting/ on line 33Thank you
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