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Since yesterday I can't reach neighter the studio nor the frontend on my UNA hosted cloud.

Please check, same creds as before in one of my last PMs @LeonidS

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UNA hosted Cloud, 13.1.RC2, all mods up to date

in a discussion POST links to ERR 500

in the block POPULAR HASHTAGS works well

EDIT: It could be caused by a corrupted Site wide Search

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Hi @Leonid S , please check. After update to 13 RC2 I cannot reach the Frontend (ERR500) and some mods in backend point to ERR500 blank page too.

Thanks :)

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UNA 13.1.0.RC1 - unahosted cloud

First thanks for the update and the one time and recurring switcher / buttons. Very appreciated.

I wonder how to hide the ''own value'' button on the page recurring donations as by now a user cant edit his ''custom recurring donation settings''


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UNA hosted cloud 13.1.0.B2, courses module 13.0.6, classes 13.0.4

  1. Creating a course goes to ERR 500 after submit. But course is created after going back to /page/courses-home
  2. Deleting a course goes to ERR 500 after submit. But course is deleted after going to /page/courses-home
  3. Creating a module in a course goes to a frozen view, but module is created when reloadedimage_transcoder.php?o=sys_images_editor&h=1611&dpx=2&t=1697013555
  4. Creating classes in modules works well
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UNA hosted cloud - protean - 13.1.0.B2


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Dear Una team, dear 3rd party devs,

right now we have UNA 13.1.0.B2 - great to be part of the dev of UNA. The UNAverse of CoreTeam and 3rd party devs - right now we have majors like jerome, aqb, expertC and msSol (+ some others, but not that involved.)

Every update to a new una core version is some kind of lottery: Will the site stay stable or will the Core update break something? That risk is OK for testing, but it could be a mess for live sites.

So please just some tiny questions to understand the dev circle and the communication about the dev cirvle of UNA::

  1. Are the 3rd party module devs involved in the update circle of UNA?
  2. Do they know in advance what the Core Changes will be?
  3. Do the 3rd party devs have any time schedules provided by the CoreTeam concerning the update circles and timing?

Thanks, peter

PS: A solution could be a site for (premium) members, hosted by UNA in UNA cloud, where the actual Core & all Modules of all devs are ready for testing.

I think we have many members with excellent UNA sklills to admin this site... that is of course just a first idea, we could work out how to go with this. I'm sure all 3rd party devs would be happy to give ONE licence to this test site. ...

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I wonder if there is an overview of all set limits of actions set in the permissions of the different modules in studio/builder_permissions per userlevel

An example: ''create photo'' for STANDARD user level

  • allowed actions set to 1
  • refreh every 12 hours
  • availability set from 00xy to 00xy

Now please imagine that you will set many of permissions/actions for different actions, modules and userlevels - what a mess to find them all again to change them if you dont note them by hand.

So, is there a possibility to have them visible on one page anywhere in studio? Or does this allready exists and I just could not found it?

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Hi, UNA 13.1.0.B1 - una hosted cloud

In Module Discussions the custom default profile unit cover is not taken. The una default cover is shown instead.

The Profile Cover seen in People shows the custom default cover


The Default Custom unit cover / Designer


Finally the Profil Block in Discussions page/view-discussion with the UNA default profil cover


Two more (tiny) problems:

  1. The position of the Badge should be directly after the name
  2. The Cover height does not fit as well
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