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Using 13RC2 (brand new setup), una hosted, protean light custom

Tested to reproduce in Ads, Polls and Posts

  1. Create a post, ad or poll with PAGE width set to 600 in template
  2. See the content, all is fine
  3. Now set the PAGE width to 900 in template
  4. The TEXT field does not change to the new width of 900


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Reposted Peter's discussion.

In Studio content of various modules can be auto-cropped by number of characters with or without thumb. In Permissions the amount of content items per period per userlevel can be set. And many more usefull settings...

3 Questions to ''Comments on posts (una module)* - I could not find an answer to:

  1. How to auto-crop comments to posts by number of characters?
  2. How to limit the number of characters of a comment to a post ?
  3. How to limit the number of comments to one post per user?
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When a user does not complete the checkout process, the pending orders of this product multiply by checkout attempts in admin/seller.

Please reproduce and tell me, what is going wrong on my site:

  1. User puts item in shopping card (a donation in this case)
  2. User clicks PayPal to checkout, the PayPal window opens
  3. User does NOT login to PP to pay but clicks return to site
  4. The Item is still visible in Users ShoppingCart, OK so far

...and now the problems start -->

  1. Admin has this order as pending order in /page/payment-orders?type=pending
  2. User goes back to his Cart and clicks PayPal again to finish the payment of this order. PP window opens but user does not login to PP again and does not pay for the second time
  3. Now admin has this order twice in his pending order page
  4. User trys again (the third time), but now with another payment provider, maybe CASH or Points or whatever provider is enabled and does not finish the payment...
  5. So admin has now 3 pending orders of the same ITEM - 2x PayPal and 1y Cash
  6. to be continued.....

Using 13RC2, Una hosted cloud

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Generic is set as default payment provider in /page/payment-details for some custom settings, atm only for currency setting. This may be confusing to users across all levels, even when they read the note: ''Isn't used to process payments directly. Is needed to store personal settings for usage in the other providers.''

So I wonder how to HIDE this Generic Provider to all levels except admin-level?

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I wonder if it is possible and when Yes, how to set permissions to use payment providers by MODULE. To show in detail, exp:


  • Ads NO
  • Paid Levels YES
  • +++


  • Ads YES
  • Join Group NO
  • +++
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