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13RC4 una hosted cloud


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DB Error on UNA hosted cloud, RC3

After update to RC3 I get a DB error email every minute.

-> Called script: /var/www/vhosts/mainsite/html/periodic/cron.php

-> Mysql error: Incorrect table name ''

AND a second Problem are Emails to -> Mail Delivery Subsystem> with a Warning messages could not be sent.

  • was the domain, before I changed to my custom domain one month ago
  • so why are Emails sent to this subdomain?

I use a custom email setup with UNA SMTP module, works very well, so no problems at all to send or receive Emails exp. pruning, contact, notifications +++

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13RC2, una hosted cloud

This Macro shows the number of online profiles ~system:get_count_online_profiles:TemplServiceProfiles~

I would like to show the total number of confirmed profiles. Does one know what macro to use?

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13RC2, una cloud hosted

Creating a custom block makes this new block ACTIVE by default, with visibility settings: anybody and block layout: content + background + padding + title

So I wonder how to set a newly created block INACTIVE by default

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13RC2, una hosted cloud

When 'autoapprove comments after creation'' in site settings is disabled, a user gets in his conversation the message "Comment will be published as soon as it's approved by moderator" - what of course should not be written in conversations module. Right?


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