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Hi, I wonder how I can post a piece of custom code on my site, that viewers can copy to post the code on their webpages. It is a banner code/script from an external server.the code looks like:+ins data-.....................................-id="727bec5e09208690b050ccfc6a45d384"+ +/ins++script async src="//serv...syncjs.php"++/script+All leading end ending < > replaced by +Trying to post this code above doesnt work on my by UNA hosted site (UNA12, froala editor). I tried with blocks raw, html and custom.Is there any way that users see the code and not the banner?Help & Tips are very appreciated.
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A minor template / design issue using Protean Light here on
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The UNA ads module needs a better PRICE field. Very needed is:please insert a BLANK between currency symbol and priceplease add thousands seperators, choosable point or comma, depending on the users needsplease insert the possibility to have two decimal places with the fitting seperators (comma or point, depending on the users needs)
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Login to UNA.IO is not really comfortable at the moment using artificer template ;)
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Hello, Please could anyone here help me with a step-by-step explanation on how to create a menu in the navigation bar with drop-down menu items that look exactly like the navigation bar here on (Community, Resources etc)?I just can't figure out how to create a drop-down menu item like: 'Community' here on and put inside it (in a drop-down) other menu items like: People, Organization, Groups, Events etc. It makes the menu look clean, organizes things and helps to save space in the navigation bar.By the way, I am using the Lucid template.Thanks. 
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