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Point system for UNA! Great idea! $60 - finding something similar on WordPress to use..

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The Cambodian Armed Forces are mobilizing. That includes me. It means less time to work with UNA. The reason for mobilizing the Army, is because of the political opposition which has declared starting a civil war. The leader of the opposition is a narcissistic crazy dude. He aim to take over Cambodia with $150K USD in his pocket. The only thing he will achieve, is to get a lot of people killed. For the last 2 years, I have been training a group of 50 soldiers to become snipers. They are far away from being ready. It will take 5 years for them to become average. They had no schooling what so ever, so learning math and physics the first 18 months, was hard for them. 200 started and already 50 are left. Training is about to get worse. But maybe the situation will be a fire trial. Pulling the trigger on other humans is not an easy task for most people.

So, when I am absent. It's not because I am angry with people here(I know I'm a bitch sometimes). I'm just busy elsewhere.

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This is an excellent idea. No large arm movements. No admin side. Just for the users. app is made in 3 steps. Then you have the apk. 5 steps you have the app on google play.This is my apk for monkeyempire site never harmed to get inspiration elsewhere, other than your wallet might get obese.

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Would something like this be interesting for UNA?

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Two of my sites are now having problems with the UNA installation (missing icons).Wordpress : No problemsXoops : Same problem as UNAHumHub : Same problem as UNAReally weird. I talked with my Host about it and they checked all settings and reset everything to standard. Also the PhP settings. But same result. They had the suggestion that it was a header-issue, but would look into it further. They take pride in being able to host all CMS without problems. I dont think it is a host problem though... not about SSL either.

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Im getting more and more discouraged here. There are so many problems and I am working blind, having to figure out what is where, and then nip and tweak randomly until something works halfways.Not so sure about this anymore...

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cover is 30vh by default in protean settings. What if I only want 0.5vh? It would be nice, because if I need to use submenus, they would not be in conflict with my logo.

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Bah! Sometimes I get ahead of myself when I talk to people and start on a non-personal psychological/sociological explanation of a concept. Here in Cambodia, people generally dont like psychology, because it makes them feel naked and ashamed of themselves. When that happens it is called loosing face. Here people would rather hear that 2+2 is blue.It makes it difficult to communicate, even if you speak their language to present such things as marketing or why this color is better to use than that color. they certainly dont want to hear about why people choose the things they choose. I have to figure out how to pass information in a way that to them is not offensive.I had no problems in Africa and South America, but SE-Asia *phew*. What comforts me, is that the Buddha had the same problem and that he retired from teaching when he was in the beginning of his 50s and settled with a younger woman named Sujata. But this is bad to speak of, because the Buddha is used as a role model of purity, which is completely off what he was actually teaching.But this is one thing I am thankful to UNA about. Language is clear and can not be misunderstood. I had 10 people to test UNA today and it went smooth. Very few questions were asked(which is good). They just used the system as if they had done it for years. They were very excited about it and asked when it was ready for launch.

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Baloo wrote something about the choice of username, which is very true. If you want people to be friendly almost instantly and have a higher rate of people to add you, you use a candy name such as Bambi, Pooh, Baloo, etc.People love candy and no matter the taste, people seem to stick with it. It is so extreme, that if you can paint a dog shit in gold and remove the smell with perfume, people would be attracted to it. It never occur to them that a dogshit remain a dogshit, not matter the presentation. If the person behind the name seems to be no good, then it is usually translated by people as [going through a tough time in life, because with that name nobody could be all bad].Self-delusion is HOT and works as an escape from a dysfunctional human society, which is pretty much the entire world. Humans hide away in all sorts of activities like drugs, games, TV shows, movies, coding, extreme sports, religions or supernatural activities, Social Media, painting, coffeeshop gossip, etc. Some call it [mental suicide] for those who are too chicken to jump the rope.And honestly - there is not much attraction about living in the human world. The illusion and delusion is much more attractive. But this is also a source of money. If you can provide a tool which cause people to sink in to a delusion, they are willing to pay almost anything to stay there.Is it ethical? Only if we choose to make it so. Ethics and morals are subjective. What is good for one, is suffering for another, which renders ethics and morals obsolete. By default humans are primitives that still live in the delusion of thinking they are intelligent. Delusions of Grandeur. The human species as a whole, behaves like paranoid schizophrenics. And from that we believe that we are mentally balanced enough to build societies with standards applied to all humans. The Western world is build upon the genocidal blood, but try to sweep it under the carpet and forget about it; only to turn and point fingers at others doing the same. Feed the delusion with candy and you become a pimp. Lots of money in pimping peoples delusions.

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