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Hi I'm receiving emails starting this morning, so far over a 100 with the following message:Database error in PopAllureMysql error:SQLSTATE[HY000] [2002] Connection refusedcollation_connection:Debug backtrace:and this long code. Anyone know why this is happening? Can anyone help?Thank you!Clarissa
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Hi The pagination for Ads - Categories does not function properly.  After the first page it does not sort.  When you click the next arrows to go from the first page it no longer show items for the current category.  It will will items from other categories mixed in!Is this a known bug?  I did not see any reporting on it.  Category is essential for ads.  I can't see where I may have done something wrong in my set up.If someone could please help with troubleshooting this or let me know if there ther is a fix.Here is what I am seeing on my site:  first page url: https://popallure.com/page/ads-categories?category=44next page url: https://popallure.com/page/ads-categories?type=&start=6&per_page=6No longer in the categories. And the title on page goes from "Ads in..." to just "Ads".Thanks!Clarissa
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Hi I need to add some "Help Guides' to my site with 'how to's' for doing things like adding a profile, adding a cover image, creating an ad and so on.  Wondering if there is an existing resource for doing this with some text included that you can refer me to? Or does everyone create their own from scratch?Thanks!Clarissa
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