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Curiously, my site upgraded yesterday to v11.0.0 without me asking it to. 

I was sure I disabled Auto-Update but when I checked it was enabled. I moved my site recently (over a month ago) so maybe the Auto-Update accidentally got re-enabled as part of that but I didn't specifically enable it. 

I've now disabled it again.

My site has been online 24/7 so no idea why it decided to upgrade all of a sudden and didn't do this before. Not to worry though.

The upgrade seems to have completed ok without error and so far I've not noticed any issues. Are there any specific check I should do to make sure I haven't got any issues? 

I wasn't planning on upgrading till v11 (stable) was released.

Is there a list of new features available in v11 anywhere I can look at??

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What’s the easiest way to disable all the social network sharing links throughout UNA v10.x?

As in remove all the....

  • Share in Facebook
  • Share in Twitter 
  • Share in Pinterest

Links in all  screens.

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I moved my UNA installation to a new server but since the restore some images don't appear in some views.

For instance in the timeline view instead of seeing some images I see a "broken link" icon. If if I click the broken link icon the image appears.

Also for some users there is a grey background instead of their profile image. The same for some events with an event image.

Any idea how to fix?

I believe I still have all the image files in the storage folder so think maybe some sort of database mismatch.

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I'm trying to get the native MobileApp running.

I've completed all the steps but when I build/run the app in the simulator it stalls at the splash screen and goes no further.

The build completes with no errors (only 4 warnings).

Any idea anyone?


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Hi. I've just noticed on my site that a Standard User cannot just follow another member and only have the option to "Add Friend" (For example in the People page). Moderators on the other hand get both "Follow" and "Add Friend" option. This doesn't sound normal. 

It looks like a permissions issue but I can't see anything obvious with the permissions.

Any idea anyone?

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