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I'm unable to enable or disable modules from studio. When clicking the person icon at the top right in studio the loading UNA icon appears and then disappears. The options do not show. How to fix?
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See the screenshot. This is in the iPad app but the same is happening on the pc version of the site.
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When trying to delete posts, links in posts or profiles, the loading wheel is stuck loading and can’t delete. I’m thinking it is a database issue. Checked error logs for ideas, no luck there.
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When sending a message, it says "Connecting.........." I checked the OneSignal settings and they seem to be set up correctly. The problem persists after clearing the cache.
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In Artificer custom styles:.bx-form-input-location-street_number, .bx-form-input-location-street {display: none;}Code isn't taking effect after clearing cache. This code was working in Lucid but not in Artificer. Any ideas?
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