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at the moment, when I upload a photo to any post, the src url will point to the image_transcoder with multiple queries like this src=""

which bit of the code do I need to change so that I can get the actual url of the file, such as src=""

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Timeline 'brief cards' does not seem to work on Artificer

long posts are not cropped. The whole text appear even if it's +750 characters.

Timeline cards should crop the text content as it happens with search results / or profile cards.

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When inviting other users to join a group/event/organization the search field should enable finding users by their email in addition searching by name.

It becomes very difficult to identify the person if you have 2 or more friends with the same name.

Invitation box should use the same method as in profile administration block, where we can search for profiles using name or email.

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When content is moderated, the user will create a post, but on submission it directs the user to 'page not found'. This is because the content is waiting for admin approval. (This is not ideal)

The owner of the content should be able to see and edit his content even if it is inactive or waiting approval.

It should be similar to inactive profiles. the profile owners is able to view and edit the profile while waiting for approval.

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When content is created and visibility is not public, the content does not appear on timeline and no notification is sent (this is good).

when the content visibility is edited / changed afterwards to 'PUBLIC' it does not appear on timeline and no notification is sent (this is a problem).

changing visibility to public should trigger changes on the Create/Updated DateTime stamp so that it can appear on the timeline and appears in notifications.

The same problem happens if the content is moderated.

The content does not appear on the timeline and no notification is sent if it's waiting approval. Event after approval, it does not appear on the timeline and no notification sent.

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When using content moderation (disabling auto-approval of posts/discussions from settings), the created post does not activate the necessary notification/alerts. Here is the scenario:

1- a user creates a post/discussion

2- the post/discussion will be pending approval

3- the admin approves the post/discussion

4- the notification is not triggered to followers of the user/context

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Is it possible to generate a PDF / PNG certificate after completing the course?

This should have some details like, name of the course, name of the student, the dates of completion and any other comments by the instructor/ teacher. Is that possible?

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I'm currently using 'labels' in my site and I want to move to 'Channels'. I installed channels module but when I click on any of the labels it takes me to the 'search by keyword' page instead of a corresponding channel. Is there anyway to convert labels into channels?

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I've got 2 qeustsion related to Macro:

  • I'm trying to use Macros to generate a block of posts with certain category as below:

{ { ~ system : keyword_search:TemplServices["bx_posts", {"cat": "bx_posts_cats", "keyword": 0}, "unit_gallery.html"] ~ } }

I want to add another parameter so that I can show only 'featured' posts in this category. How can I add this to the Macro?

  • my second question is about using labels with Macro. for the above example, instead of searching featured posts under certain categories, I want to get list of featured posts with certain label. How can I do this?
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