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After so many cries since last year up until two weeks ago that the Protean theme isn't stable, even went on to share videos over and over again, I was ready to give up on it but somehow TODAY it was most stable, as stable as the Lucid theme. I just want to say to the UNA dev team; thank you for hearing my cry! 🙂🙇🏾‍♂️

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I'm just wondering if anyone is aware of this problem; When I'm active on a chat on Messenger (where I'm able to see the conversation I'm having with the person) and I click the Home Icon, the button simply doesn't work, instead it requires me to click the "Back" button where I can see chats with everyone else only for it to work. So far, this happens when I'm only on Messenger. Weird because other buttons such as the Notifications and Profile buttons work just fine given the circumstances but not the Home button. Is this a bug or a Dev error? 🤷🏾‍♂️

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So guys as I'm seeing that it takes longer for pages to load on the UNA app, and the data spent is a lot (you wouldn't last a day with 100MB), perhaps now is the time to suggest a LITE version of the App and thus, we get to have LITE versions too for our apps. To my understanding, a LITE version loads about 10x faster and uses 10x less data. This is my suggestion, please UNA team consider this!

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Hello guys, can I get some clarity from gurus on a question which I believe might be helpful to others. Please note that I already Googled this but it would be nice to discuss this with people who've experienced it first hand. 

What is the difference between CMD.exe and Android Studio when it comes to developing the Mobile Apps?

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Hi guys, maybe someone has to finally say this, but if it's been said before, then all the more reason I should say it once more.

UNA team, it wouldn't be such a bad idea to hire interns to help you out with the workload. We need people who are going to respond to our enquiries regularly until the problem at hand is resolved because so much goes on and we end up asking fellow members for help, which they don't have to give, just to get the desired results.

Emails can take 1-2 days before responded to, so urgency isn't taken seriously here! Private Messaging is the WORST! I don't know how many times I've been ignored by the UNA team from the first question, OR during the discussion (someone going silent all of a sudden, for good!). CUSTOMER SERVICE AND SUPPORT is sooooo important and I bet EVERYONE here agrees with me, I remember it was once mentioned but it still persists.

1. Emails take too long to be answered, which means if your response isn't clear, it can take a week or 2 to solve even the tiniest problems.

2. PMs either are ignored, or if answered then eventually will go unanswered.

3. Public Discussions are made, and even with that, y'all respond to the topics of your liking. So many posts here have went unanswered, if an answer comes, y'all have to be tagged of be forced to say something. Or maybe you only respond to posts that have a lot of engagement. 

Therefore, hire several students (paid or not) who will help us more efficiently. I can only imagine if my site goes live and I encounter a problem which will be solved in a week or two because of bad support and service. This is the most important thing that y'all keep taking for granted! You can learn a lot from web hosting companies. 

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