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I have to admit... I haven't spend much time exploring UNA, moreover I'm not a programmer nor am I too techie.  I have some knowledge of html, uploading wordpress and navigating the various themes available for it... just the basics.  Having said the above, it would be helpful for newbies, like myself, if there was a basic guide - a guide for suggested plugins, etc  to create a dating website and a basic  social networking site.  (I chose these two because I assume those types of sites would be most popular sites of interest for newbies - I could be totally ).  The guide would be very simple.  All it will do is suggest plugins one would choose to create a bare bones  dating website and another for a social networking site.  This guide will give allow the newbie to get their feet wet and then explore more advanced features / plugins available.  Having all those plugins, etc. available to choose from is overwhelming. Create a simple guide for suggested plugins that are bare bones, using free plugins only, and another suggestion that has both free and paid plugins for advanced features.  It would be great if there existed such a guide for creating 1) dating website and 2) a bare bone social networking site. Thanks  for considering my idea.
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At the present moment I'd like my website to be text only.  Where do I go to set so images, videos are prohibited / turned off.   However, I'd like for members to be able to post links (urls) to images, Youtube videos, etc.  Thanks. p.s. I'm not code literate... at present wordpress is my comfort zone
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I am learning how to create search forms for Persons.  I have created 5 search forms for Persons.  How do I delete some of these search forms?  I can't seem to find the delete button. Thanks in advance.  
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I have just done a new install of 12.0.I have not added any Apps from Market yet.My links, both People and About, on Home page doesn’t work.When I Click on People link I get a message:  404Not FoundPlease forward this error screen ……The server can not find the requested page: ….   page/persons-home (port 80)Thanks for any help provided!
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I'd interested in creating a question and answer type forum like that of Quora.  It would be great if you'd consider adding this new feature:- Enable threaded (nested) replies, refer to this feature found at bbPress for considering this suggestion.
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