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When creating a post, the function of wrapping around the image does not work, only the first line flows around (like a normal posted photo).The wrapping occurs only on the first line, the wrapping does not occur completely, everything is correct according to the settings
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In the group section, when adding content - publish material - the material is shown to the user, but when the page is reloaded in the admin panel, it is not visible anywhere. The line behaves very strangely - do not show the location - you cannot change it, apparently the problem is stuck somewhere.
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Add a publication. In the publication in the download materials section, select and test:1. Video - the video does not have a picture, three dots are shown, when adding material, it is written - wait while the file is being converted. At the same time, there are no buttons to insert video into the text.2. Audio - the file is being converted.3. Audio and video recording - added. As a result, more than an hour passes - the material has not been published, it is being written - audio and video is converted, wait, only then the material will be published. What should we do - what could be the problem? At the same time, all materials are fully uploaded to the server, but not converted.
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