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Afte much trying and reading - I can't get my head around what spaces are?The description suggests they are like a top level to put groups under - but groups seem to act completley independanty.Can someone please explain what "Spaces" actually acheives? Why would we want it and how can we use it effectively?Thanks
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It is my thought that less than 0.01% of people want to post a location when they post.  The location fields are on every post form - is there a way to simply disable these from everywhere?
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In Una, often a group or a post will have a cover image.  When these items show in their small tile view (i.e. in the timeline) they have a nice thumb of their cover/header image.PLEASE Una team can you edit the base code so that clicking on the thumbnail of this image loads the actual post and not the image!  Most people expect when they see a small version of a post, that when they click the image associated they will go to the post!Please like if you agree so we can have this change implemented.
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