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We are developing a different use for the social net, curating organizations to join and limit the permissions for posting and editing. After some months of trying, we still facing issues, and the FAQ, information in Github and other places, is not enough to fix our issues. We want to open the access but we can't because there are some important features that are not working. We don't want to open the platform and have all working perfectly, but at least the important points. How much should we pay to get more attention? We request for a budget or more help, as we can't fix or we don't know how to fix those issues.
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We have a small bug in UNA, could be great to know how to proceed in front of this bug. Reinstalling some folders in File Manager? How to detect where is the bug?  It doesn't show the button "Follow" on Organizations, Only on Persons.  How can we fix?
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An Organization creates a Post but the same Organization can't EDIT. How can Edit own posts, and not allowing to adit ANY post? If we enable Edit any post, they can edit other organizations posts. 
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Follow and Invite is not working: In my platform, we have Enable in Permissions the Connect module.On Navigation, we have visibility for all members: We can't see the Follow Button: With the invitation feature, we can see the button but it doesn't work (any action after clicking, no one receives the invitation to join). Any developer can check these issues? It is very hard to launch and try the platform if we have these problems. We can't open the access yet! *DM if you want Operator access. Thanks! 
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