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Getting this error message after the update. Anyone have any ideas?
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Has anyone had trouble with the avatar on the profile page not showing up? It shows up on the account everywhere else but does not show up on the profile page. It was working fine until I switched templates and then switched back. I am currently on the Decorous template, but no matter which template I change to, the avatar will no longer show up on the profile page. This is a test site with version 13.0.0–A2 installed.
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Version: 13.0.0-A2 Installed. Profiles are not visible when logged in. They are visible when logged out. Visibility settings are correct. Receiving HTTP 500 error which would indicate an error when connecting to the internal server. I have disabled a ton of apps trying to identify what is causing it. No files have been changed I don’t get why there would be an error when logged in but no error and profile is viewable when logged out. Anyone have any ideas? @LeonidS Any thoughts on this?
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Market app is downloaded and installed. Does not show up in Studio. Can you help @LeonidS ?
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