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So, if the max file size is set to 2047mb, it works fine, and lets upload large files, but when its exactly 2048mb, it limits the members of that level, to only be able to upload a 2kb file within the messenger.

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    Say we want only premium members to start a video call but any member can join it?

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      • Hello! 

        Thanks you for the details!
        We will think over the all described issues above and will add solution.
        I think, we can use Settings option which is available for talk's owner in info menu button, something like - Allows to join for everyone.

        • Hi Alex, thanks, but I'm not sure we're talking about the same thing.

          Here I am (a  premium member) calling a non-premium member within the messenger. (premium INITIATING the call)


          Now, here is the standard (non-premium) member, trying to accept the call - 


          As you can see, a NON-PREMIUM member can't join an existing call. 

          The intention is to allow standard members to join existing calls, which a premium member initiated.

          The best case scenario is to simply have an extra option in permissions, to separate between - 

          1) Allow to START (Initiate) video conferences
          2) Allow to JOIN existing video conferences (1 on 1 or group calls)


          • Hello!

            Yes, it works currently as you described and it is wrong behavior, I have added the ticket and will fix it in the nearest updated https://github.com/unaio/jot-client-una/issues/165

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            Between create personal video chat and create video conferences?

            Is the conference's referring to calls for more than 2 people? For groups?

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            When trying to "subscribe/rent" to a plan (not "buy"), and using Paypal api - a popup appears saying "cannot perform the action. Please report.".


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