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Dear all,

We joined UNA for different reasons but a similar goal, that is trying to seek and unite people. I adore this grand idea but had I underestimated the massive amount of leadership and stamina to doing so particularly since the global pandemic outbroke.

I am writing to say an hello and a few words of encouragement to the leaders in here, that the efforts of good will being sown shall turn into fruits upon perseverance. Stay healthy and keep pursuing!

I hope this post brings peace to you all.

Regards from Hong Kong,


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「斑鳩舍」 是一個獻祭性的基督徒服侍單元,對象是那些承認自己尚未認識耶穌基督的信徒以及衆聖徒。基督徒在日常生活中能看透萬事,全因為將真愛紮根在內的真理,再加上不斷的禱告祈求去辨別一切虛實,凡事靠著聖經作印證和根據。我們每個都因著同一個聖靈的感動來一起同工以不至於論斷。我們這種基督徒就是這樣生活來不斷地去廣傳福音,有根有基地讓眾人更加認識三一真神(聖父、聖子和聖靈)。我們鼓勵那些甘心跟隨神而不是人的信徒,同樣落實地親自去領受神給自己生命的旨意,靠著聖靈去活出天父愛耶穌基督的愛去四出結連那些被召而又願意委身活出基督的人,各人彼此靠著神顯於己身去服侍基督在這個斑鳩世代的眾肢體。

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