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My site was running 12.1.0 and I ran a full backup before running the upgrade to 13.0.0 (from the Dashboard). The upgrade did not appear to complete after an hour+, and presented the error, "Site is temporarily unavailable due to scheduled maintenance, please try again in a minute." So I restored it from the backup I had made less than an hour before that, but the site is still presenting the same error. It is running Cron every five minutes. I cleared the cache in one of my browsers and still get the error. I can not get to Studio or any other part of the site.

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I am looking for a way to create a 3rd profile type in addition to Person and Organization. My site has individual people and organizations, but it also has cockatoos that get their own individual profiles. I have created a handful of custom fields that only apply to this third type (band number, microchip, medical history, recall-trained, etc.), which I do not want displayed on the Person profiles since they do not apply. Having a separate profile type would make it a lot easier to segregate out all of the essential data into separate fields instead of dumping it all in the description.

Alternately, if I could have the custom fields display or not depending on what's selected in the species field (human versus the 16 cockatoo species) that would work, but it would require that field being set before the rest of the data gets entered. That seems like a more complicated way to do it.

I'm open to other suggestions on how to do this, maybe a secondary form that does not get used for the people?

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