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I am wondering what it takes to host social media website where there is use case  of around say, 1000 subscribers who will be receiving the video content of uploaded video file or live video streaming. ie. thousand instances of FFServ instances running & streaming...

I need some more info on FFServ/FFMPEG usage in to address some basic questions:

1. What capacity of machine node is required to support max number of such streaming out instances simultaneously? What is that number?

2. Do we have to establish parallel nodes to support multiple such instances ?  How many such nodes could be required with load balancing?  

Any experiments on this being done?

Is there any articulation / documentation on the capacity planning worked out by someone?

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    I want to know what tech differences are between FB in page playback of media files as soon as they are viewed vs what is  supported today in UNA 12.1 

    What it takes to achieve it on UNA platform ? 

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    I am setting UNA first time and  have license for Power Apps + Core apps.  

    What is the best way to download/install in one go?

    BTW, if we install classes i am getting an error on 12.0.0 UNA .  I downloaded it from ( ). May be it is because of 12.0.1 version of the module

    any suggestions?

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      What are the features supported for localization ( e.g. language , location )

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