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Hello guys!

I have successfully installed latest Rocket.Chat and Matrix Synapse (Element Web / Mobile) messaging engine and love them both. Each of these engines have abundant feature sets, though both lack something that the other one has.

I have been able to easily setup oAuth2 basic account integration of Rocket.Chat with as oAuth2 provider, and even iFramed it in UNA site. But, it is very basic integration.

As to the Matrix Synapse Messenger, no success on any integrations with UNA Engine.

Does anyone of the developers plan on doing advanced integration with any of mentioned messaging platforms?

I like the UNA's JOT Server / Messenger, but it is very basic and lacks a lot of basic features available in other solutions.

Any suggestions and roadmaps on the Rocket.Chat and Matrix Synapse advanced integrations?

I am willing to bump some $$$ against real solution that works.

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Do you guys have UNA.IO Roadmap? Would like to know what new features to expect from the UNA.IO Engine.


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Any good solution for advanced Social Sharing widget?

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Would like to suggest following improvements to mobile UNA app:

1) back button travels all levels up to site root and after that close app.

2) video playback in full screen.

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I would like to ask developers to look into FILES app and create connections between files, uploaded in groups, etc, to be seen in user's profile tab of FILES. Currently files, uploaded in a group file repository are isolated in this group. I would like to see user's files across whole UNA website. Same thing with ALBUMS, PHOTOS, VIDEOS, etc.

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