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Hi there,

last week I changed in studio from "stable" to "beta" channel.

Next time I step in studio it shows me that the update would be available. (picture 1)

pushed the update button, after a while got the message "Site will be upgraded within a minute." (picture 2)

But....... nothing changed or upgraded, next time I step in the studio got the same screen as picture 1.

went to the site settings, and looked if I had the correct boxes checked. (picture 3), auto update is ON, even force auto update.

Next thought, maybe missed some settings in the Cron-Jobs, but there is all ok (picture 4)

Any ideas, that may help???

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maybe someone can help or knows a solution.

If I click on the Notification Bell , It shows me these errors.

I have copied them to notepad for better reading and insert it here as image, because it won't let me post this as Text.


UNA on X-SiM Members

Version: 12.1.0 Installed: 9 Oct 2021

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This is the Error message we get, if I create an Event.

Has anyone an idea, how we can fix it?

Btw. the event is created, but the error message is annoying,

as it is presented on a blank page, with no menu. The users despair, then use backspace and submit the event again, so we get multiple of the same posts

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on our community site we have since 3 Weeks by some User Accounts this error messages on the top:


and we can not fix this problems, because it is not on all user accounts only 4-5 .

we run UNA on X-SiM Members

Version: 12.1.0 Installed: 9 Oct 2021


allow_url_fopen = On

allow_url_include = Off

display_errors = Off

enable_dl = Off

file_uploads = On

max_execution_time = 120

max_input_time = 60

max_input_vars = 2000

memory_limit = 512M

post_max_size = 1024M

session.gc_maxlifetime = 1440

session.save_path = "/var/cpanel/php/sessions/ea-php73"

upload_max_filesize = 1024M

zlib.output_compression = Off

I have searched in the forum about the errors, increased the values, cleared the cache, but nothing seems to help.

Anyone an idea?



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