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I can't remember if this was in previous versions but when selecting a name from an @ mention it would be nice to have a small profile pic next to their name since many users may have the same name

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Everytime I look at the new messenger features I get more and more impressed. The sleek easy reading design is on par with most social media sites but also offers more potential too. I realized that admins could create multiple pages that only have Shoutboxes on them and thus creating a sort of "Rooms" expansion in the submenu of the main Messenger Page. I wonder if theres a way users can create public messenger rooms that could be seen in the submenu on Messenger or even allow admin to create filters to have only certain chats be seen by certain groups of people.

Example User creates new chat and gives it a title where he would be given an option in a setting to make it public, friends only, select friends, followers etc. Then another filter could be used to filter out country etc... So many possibilities

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A suggestion for Artificer Templete would be to move the "More" three dotted button on posts up to top right hand corner. This would even out the Like, Comment, and Share buttons evenly across the bottom of the post on the same line spacing. As of right now the Share button is edged out and put unevenly under Like and Comment.

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How I envisioned my site to be...

Ability to customize personal profile pages like Dolphin. Have chat rooms (Rocket Chat) that admin could set up chat rooms and users could create rooms. Streaming. Users could create and schedule streaming events and charge people to view those events if they wanted. Viewers could sent points to the creator while watching the Live event (Twitch etc). People could send points to the author if they liked someone's video, post, etc...

Premium subscription would allow someone to upgrade their profile monthly or yearly by paying a fee..

This fee would allow them to customize their profile site like (Dolphin).

Create Streaming events allowing them to stream and get points from other users (Twitch).

Allow them to create personal chat rooms like Rocket Chat setup.

How has it gone so far?

No access to Streaming for UNA Cloud members to this date...

Rocket Chat like Chatrooms was abandoned or not supported or integrated as an UNA Mod...

Send Points/Credits as a button in drop down menu for posts, videos, sounds etc still not added...

Not able to modify Jitsi for UNA Cloud members (Get rid of Jitsi watermark)...

Meanwhile FB, Instagram, and other sites have fully integrated these concepts way after it was suggested here on UNA since 2019...

UNA sites need a way to sustain themselves and grow but they cannot if their content cannot pull people from big social media sites to offer alternative content. My site cannot grow or sustain itself if all it has to offer is what every other site already has. Communities cannot grow if members cannot also convince their friends to join either.

With no income coming in a site has to somehow offer what other sites don't have or compete, advertiser, pay for server fees, pay to integrate new mods/features....

This cannot be done if all alternative ways to make money while still offering a FREE platform is ignored or pushed to the side/delayed indefinitely. Most of us need a scalable way to generate money which is actually a healthy good way to keep and maintain a site

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Is there a server host that has upscaling streaming capabilities and allows you to modify Jitsi for video chat?

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