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Is there an estimated time frame for B-4 release? I need to know because:1.) Cannot promote site that still has bugs2.) Cannot add mods or get mods with bugs fixed after B-3 3.) Need to know if continuing to pay server fees for a site I cannot promote is worth it4.) Streaming options for UNA Cloud members is not available until official UNA 13 release5.) Releasing long overdue bug fixs now and extending enhancements and other minor stuff into a B-5 would be greatly appreciated 👍
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Any chance B4 will be released this week? I have a lot to do on my site and make custom changes but can't do anything until stable release of UNA 13. A lot of stuff that's backed up
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I would suggest releasing fixes to bugs in B4 and leave mod enhancements for a later date. B3 just created more bugs hence B4 and B4 might create more bugs and so forth... Releasing the fixs for bugs right now would help. Mod enhancements are seperate from a stable release and can always be done on a later date.
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One thing I would like to see is preset options for posts where the admin can have preset text color, text shape for posts. Also have the option where texts appears in the middle of the post instead of far left with plenty of spacing around the sentences. For posts it just looks nicer to see a sentence in the middle of a post if it's a short sentence instead of a "Hey Everyone" all the way in the left corner.
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What is the best Header logo size? What is the size UNA uses?
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