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I have a frozen project. I decided to go to it, but forgot the password. After several unsuccessful attempts to enter, my account was blocked. I went into the database and changed the value locked from 1 to 0. But the account was not unblocked.I don't know if this is normal behavior or not. Are there any options to get into your account?
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I found that all messages sent through the contacts module are written to the database. But they cannot be seen and deleted anywhere in the control panel. I think this function would be logical.
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I noticed some pages indexed by Yandex, which in my opinion they should not be indexed. And if you go to some of them in incognito mode, then it does not show any error, as if these are ordinary pages. Of course, I could be wrong, but in my opinion this is not correct. While I close them robots.txt/m/convos/folder/1/m/convos/folder/2/m/convos/folder/3 /m/convos/folder/4 /page/create-persons-profile/page/edit-persons-profile/page/persons-manage/page/start-convo
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When you click multiple or single download, the download window appears and is blocked. Error "Failed to load resource: the server responded with a status of 404".I know it's a server configuration issue, because there is no error on the other server.What should I enable or disable for this to work?
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