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    • No clue what you're saying... the horror, diarrhea of the mouth at best. Most of your educational, useful and resourceful videos are still inaccessible for the deaf customers like me. I did request video "Subtitle" feature six years ago in Dolphin ( it has largely been ignored and still today with UNA. Hulu, Netflix, VLC, Youtube... to name a few, already implement long time ago and we still lack? Patiently waited for six years... how much longer? Hearing privilege is as bad as White privilege. Please stop, start caring and sharing. For our sites, we demand such a feature because it's mandatory and it's right thing to do... for the sake of people who are deaf-blind like Helen Keller. C'arn Andrew, I'm pushing you for UNA and Dolphin to be the first to offer 21st Century Communications and Video Accessibility before someone else does!
      • I've created a YouTube channel and uploaded these videos, so you can watch them on youtube and captions -
        • What about sign language to text, nearly impossible... at least in consumers side. Which is why I believe that text input is more universal. Not everyone likes to do it because using time-frames and fill in the captions... naturally, it's time consuming for most. Anything that's Google, I stay away. Even their "open-source" that requires Google account which requires running nonfree software (Javascript sent by the site). I think that's doable. Look up "WebVTT" (Web Video Text Tracks), timed text in connection with the HTML5 element.
          • I'm pretty sure that we'll have some kind of service or API to convert voice to text soon, as AI engines progress. WebVTT spec as I understand is just for showing captions in the standard HTML5 video element, which is handy for standardized playback but doesn't help with recognition in any way. Still need something to "understand" all the talking. Perhaps that's an idea for a community? Say, people share most interesting/popular videos and some members write up transcripts for the rest of the community to read. You can monetize by setting up a marketplace for quick transctipt service, or tipping, or subscription based access with revenue sharing.
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