How to change categories in content apps?

Question: How do I change names of categories in Polls, Posts, Albums, Articles, etc.? 

Editing data items in UNA forms.

UNA platform and UNA Apps feature various forms, which have fields pre-populated with data items. For example, Polls app has "Categories" field, with default options like "Pets", "Health & Beauty", etc. Lists like these are called "Data Lists". 
Some data lists are meant to be changed when you are setting up your community. You can easily do so via Forms app in Studio.
  1. Go to your site Studio and login to your Operator account.

  2. Open the "Forms" app.

  3. Go to "Data Lists" page in Forms.

  4. Find the list you want to edit or rearrange.

  5. Click the list and edit items.

  6. Save and reload the page with the form to see the result. 


Here is a quick video showing the same steps...



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Comments (4)
    • Great tutorial on getting around there. To simplify the changing of values per module, you could just click on Data Items -> Choose the module than change the values, right?
    • How to upload a list to the Data List?

      • Is there any way to import a CSV file into the list? I think it seems to be possible importing directly into the MySQL table "sys_form_pre_values" taking care of the table structure and columns and keys, then, back on studio, editing the values (because they'll appear with the whole value string, i.e. "_adm_form_txt_pre_value_lkey_Aviation") and leaving just the value "Aviation". Is this right or too risky?

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