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This module adds the possibility for you (as site owner) to create a list of auto friends for your site. It means that all profiles which were added in the list become friends with the other site members or newly joined members automaticaly.Features:Any number of profiles can be added in auto friends list. See Image №1.It doesn't matter when profile was added in the list. It becomes a friend of all current and future site members.Profiles can be easily removed from auto friends list. Two ways are available:Remove profile from the list only. It means that this profile remains to be a friend with all current site members, but won't become a friend with newly joined members.Remove profile from the list and unfriend it with all site members.While you are adding a profile in the auto friends list you may add some description which will be attached to the profile. See Image №1."Auto friends" block on Home and Dashboard pages. In the aggregate with auto friend's description this block can be used as a reference book to show newly joined members which site member he/she can contact with in different situations. For example you may add 3 profiles in the list:Yourself with "Administrator" as the description.Mike - "Content Moderator".Jane - "Sales Specialist".Having this info newly joined member will definitely know who he/she needs to contact with in some situation. See Image №2.Enable/Disable friend request. When it's enabled the module will send friend requests instead of adding profiles to friends automatically. See Image №3Enable/Disable follow mode. When it's enabled the module will use following instead of friendship.#friend, -friend, , , , , , ,
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