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Hello friends please I need help. I cant upgrade my website to UNA the last upgrade made was UNA 13.0.0-RC3 . I have clicked the update button several days yet no update made. i suspect a bug. can anyone in the house provide assistant


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Please I will like to update most of the emails being sent to my users. can anybody point me to where i can locate the email templates so that i can update the content that goes not to my users.

thank you

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image_transcoder.php?o=sys_images_editor&h=1149&dpx=1&t=1680523572 created 3 modules to be used in a course. one of the module spellings is wrong but I can see where where to edit it or delete.

The class modules can not be delete, reordered or edited after creation. the screenshot show two modules. I want to edit one and delete the other but i could not.

please does anyone know where to do such.

@Anton L @AQB Soft @Igor Lebedev @Jerome Mingo @Alexander

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It's been over 2days now. some of my users created ads on my website. It's has not been visible on the  Ads homes. image_transcoder.php?o=sys_images_editor&h=1148&dpx=1&t=1680178725

below is the message it displayed "Ad will be published as soon as video is converted" the video uploaded is less than 3minutes and it is mp4 format. and it is over 2days. Please what can be done.

Please how  can one help with this

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Hello, can anyone help.

i noticed users cant withdraw the money sent to them, admin sent money to a user and he cant withdraw the money. please watch this video. secondly I'm not cleared with the "balance" and the "cleared balance" in the credit section when requesting for a withdrawer.

again i tried to withdraw from the cleared balance and it say it was successful but the credit was not deducted from the one i have, my cleared balance still remain the same and again there was where i could see that the transaction is pending, and again the admin could not see user request except for the email sent. you can watch the video

Your contribution goes along way

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