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There was another discussion on this where they fixed this awhile ago, I am on a new install of UNA, latest version. Please do not point me there. Comment to '{object_title}'  shows up in pages under system and if you go to any comment from the notifications you will go to that page. Has anyone else ran into this? Were you able to fix it? Any help would be appreciated. I know the DEVS are looking at it, but that could take years :D. I do have pretty links installed and this is happening with or without it when I test, that was my first assumption. It could still be that. This is only with comments to timelines ofcourse. Thankfully comments still work just not pulling them up from notifications etc. I am still really thinking Pretty links, but never had this issue before, but was having alot of timeout errors before this when first installing on PLESK with NGINX. Everything else is running beautifully though. 

Was about to move on to categories and get the site advertised when this happened. Never fails in my UNA journey. 

This was 100% Pretty Links mentioned Msolutions on here. May be related to this similar issue. All comments to feed show this as link /cmts-view/bx_timeline/:hashKey/24. So it is creating the hashkey link, just the links are not working. All other links on other modules work great, just not on comments. I also went to Msolutions site to test on a profile after a comment and same thing: Comment to '{object_title}' ( 


To see what I am running on/with had all my troubleshooting with my dealing with PLESK and NGINX


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This module allows to keep an eye on all happening on your site. You can define the list of key phrases (, scam, threat, unquotable words, malicious code, etc.) and the module will report any message that will contain any of those key phrases. Optionally it can automatically suspend author's profile till further review. It checks in , , modules and also in all site-wide. It also tracks and reports duplicate messages.

In addition there are "Paranoia" settings - rules which allow to analyze and react to anything posted to your server anywhere (regardless of a page). This can be very useful to track some most common spam phrases or malicious code samples globally for the entire site and react if necessary (just notify, prevent data from being posted and redirect a member or suspend profile or delete profile or even delete the entire account).

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