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Question: What is this folder for: in:


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Hello community, please is there anyone with experience on uploading large mysql files (over 5gig) using applications like bigdump?

I've been trying to connect the bigdump.php with the sql file via a web browser but the connection fails. Please I'll appreciate any guide

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Hello UNA Team.

I am willing to offer a special membership pricing: 50% discount to Qualified Non-profit organizations.

So, I've created special membership levels for them (monthly and yearly plans) which are basically a clone of the Premium membership level but with some enhanced permissions. I have also created a Badge for NGOs. I will be assigning that badge manually after reviewing the NGO's profile and papers/documents.

The problem is that those memberships with a special pricing for Qualified Non-profit organizations appear on the /acl-view page and anyone can actually subcribe to them.

How to get those specific membeship levels to display on the /acl-view page to members with the NGO Badge only?

Is it possible to add some 'if statements' in a RAW block with something like this:

If member badge_id=4 => display level_id=5 and level_id=6

@Alex T⚜️ , how can the ability to set custom condition in browse service you added to UNA here be applied to this case?

Thanks in advance for helping.

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When I updated to RC2 I was unable to install this new version of the Messenger. The system kept the old version, even I cannot "uninstall it". When I go to "update apps" it is still there See images below:

image_transcoder.php?o=sys_images_editor&h=1012&dpx=2&t=1674481480when I click on it, it disappear and the "downloaded section show the image below)..

image_transcoder.php?o=sys_images_editor&h=1013&dpx=2&t=1674481501Then when I click install...the newer version above does not show in the apps installed (it shows the older one):

image_transcoder.php?o=sys_images_editor&h=1014&dpx=2&t=1674481514and when I go back to the "update", I find the newer version still sitting there as shown below:

image_transcoder.php?o=sys_images_editor&h=1015&dpx=2&t=1674481530Then I tried to delete the module and install it again, but I got this message:

image_transcoder.php?o=sys_images_editor&h=1016&dpx=2&t=1674481575but will never uninstall it.

Any help on this please?

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Hi @Anton L

How does UNA integration with Stripe and Paypal handle 'Customer Tax ID' on Invoice and Receipt documents? How is it collected on an UNA Website?

How to enable the Customer Tax ID field on Person and Organization profile?

Displaying a customer’s tax ID on Invoice and Receipt documents is a requirement in many countries such as countries in the European Union (EU), Brazil etc.

By not complying with that requirement, you will be infringing the law and, consequently, subject to penalties.

Stripe says:

You’re responsible for the accuracy of customer information including their tax ID number.

In the link below you will find the tax ID types supported by Stripe Invoicing:

I don't know much about Paypal yet.

Here are some suggestions I have:

  1. That Customer's Tax ID input field should be generic so that it can fit any tax id format from any country. In some countries the Tax Identification Number for individuals has a different format than the one for organizations/companies.
  2. Its input label should have a  multilingual support. We should be able to translated it through Polyglot because the Tax Identification Number is called differently in different countries.
  3. We should also be able to use regular expression to force members to enter their Tax ID in a correct format.
  4. If possible, only request the Tax ID when a member wants to order something on the website (e.g. Membership Upgrade, Credits, Points, Advertising/Banner etc). That's how facebook, Twitter and all those social networks operate. They request your Tax ID only when you want to order their paid services. It makes sense because it can be overwhelming and scary to many people to provide a website with their sensitive or personal information. 
  5. Last but not least, the UNA system should be able to check if the member has entered his/her Tax ID before proceeding to the Checkout page, otherwise invite him/her, maybe using a popup window, to do so.

Thanks a lot.

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