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By default, UNA has Privacy engine which allows a member to limit his content's visibility to some group of people (visitors, common members, etc). But sometimes it's needed to block only one or more undesirable members.

The Black Lists app adds this Very important feature to your UNA based site. Your users would be able to block undesirable member(s). Blocked member cannot view a content (posts, polls, ptoducts, etc.) of blocking member.

New in Version 2.0.0:

Now your users would be able to block countries which they don't want to be viewed from. It means that if User1 blocked some country and User2 specified this country in his profile's location (default Location field) then User2 won't be able to see profile and content of User1.

New in Version 2.5.0:

1. Common users cannot block advanced users (moderators and administrators)

2. Manage Tools. Advanced users may view cross profiles blocks and remove them if it's necessary.

New in Version 3.0.0:

1. Integration with . Blocked member cannot see blocker's posts in Timelines.

2. Integration with standard browsings. Blocked member cannot see blocker's posts in latest, top, popular, etc lists.

3. So called 'Cross mode'. When it's enabled (Studio -> Black Lists -> Settings -> 'Filter out blocked member's content' setting) blocker member won't see the content of blocked member too.

New in Version 3.5.0:

1. Integration with . Blocked member cannot contact with blocker using app.

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    This module is designed to provide extended capabilities of rendering the so called "Snippet Meta Info" sets. These menu sets are used across an UNA based site to provide some additional info on a (such as Groups, Profiles, Events, Spaces, Posts, etc.).
    With this module you can add a lot of dynamic data to the cards on your site. Such as location, action buttons, categories, etc.
    The module allows to execute a blocks of PHP code linked to a respective "Snippet Meta Info" custom menu item this way greatly increasing the ability to display various dynamic data for a menu item on a content's card.

    Items provided out of the box:

    • New line
    • Messenger button (if the Messenger module is installed)
    • Person's points amount (if the Points System module is installed)
    • Any Content Entry's country
    • Any Content Entry's city
    • Space's category
    • Space's parent space
    • Space's description
    • Group's category
    • Group's description
    • Event's category
    • Event's description
    • Event's dates
    • Event's date start

    If a desired item is not on the list feel free to contact us and most likely we wil be able to provide you with a solution for your usecase or even include your usecase in the publicly available version.

    A more experienced users can create their own handlers by providing a handler's custom code (PHP) thus extending it even more.

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      • An excellent module that adds more info to the preview 'card' that your users see.  The additional info allows your users to see at a glance, what a Space, Group, event, etc is all about.  No site should be without this module.

        • I totally agree with Mr.Houston, an excellent module!

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