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The App adds a new interesting feature on your site. It will allow your users to create debates asking any questions they want to get opinions of the other members for. User may give a number of possible answers (opinions) and the others may agree with one of them and comment it on. The App has different browsing capabilities including a block with the most resent debates on home page. Main features:

  • Create a debate.
  • Use categories to organize debates better.
  • Specify location (if it's needed).
  • Attach image which can help to describe a debate better.
  • Each debate has its own page with user friendly layout.
  • Share a debate's page in social networks.
  • Use Privacy settings to control an access to a debate view page.
  • Vote for some opinion and comment it on afterwords.
  • Comment on a debate itself. User may do it without giving his vote to some opinion.
  • Browsing capabilities:
    • Recent Debates block on home page.
    • Recent Debates page.
    • Popular Debates page.
    • Using categories.
    • Using search by keyword.
    • In Trident's Timeline.
    • etc.
  • Manage debates tool, which allows to easily manage your own debates in one place.
  • Administrator can limit a number of possible answers (opinions) per debate.

New in Debates 5.0:

  • Different participation types: 'Open Debate' and 'Team Debate'.In 'Open Debate' mode enybody can vote for any opinion and post comments.In 'Team Debate' mode debate author can create a team for each opinion. Each team member can post comments for his team's opinion while the other site members can vote an opinion only. Member which was selected in an opinion's team can leave the team in any time he wants.
  • Integration with Reactions.
  • Possibility to revoke opinion's vote.
  • Possibility to view opinion voters.
  • Possibility to Stop/Resume the debate. Stopped debate cannot be voted and commented.
  • 'Post-debate discussion' mode. In this mode debate's comments become available after the debate was stopped. It allows to publicly discuss the debate results.
  • Integration with Notifications app was extended. Member will be notified when he was added in some opinion's team. Debate's author will be notified if some opinion's team member leaves a debate.

Bug fixes:

  • Add opinion is available to Debate author only.
  • Vote for an opinion is available to logged in members only.
  • Layout fixes and updates to improve user experience.

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Hello folks!

Just a question about this on the front page of the UNA site. At the top of the timeline events, in the card that allows you to start a new post, it says "Add new... Discussion  Post  Poll  Update"

The default here on the UNA site is Discussion.

On my own site, it says "Add new... Update  Discussion   Post   Poll"

The default on my site is Update.

How can I change the order of these items, such that Discussion is the first and default option?

I don't see it in settings anywhere. Thank you for your help, folks!

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This module allows to keep an eye on all happening on your site. You can define the list of key phrases (, scam, threat, unquotable words, malicious code, etc.) and the module will report any message that will contain any of those key phrases. Optionally it can automatically suspend author's profile till further review. It checks in , , modules and also in all site-wide. It also tracks and reports duplicate messages.

In addition there are "Paranoia" settings - rules which allow to analyze and react to anything posted to your server anywhere (regardless of a page). This can be very useful to track some most common spam phrases or malicious code samples globally for the entire site and react if necessary (just notify, prevent data from being posted and redirect a member or suspend profile or delete profile or even delete the entire account).

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