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 either force transcode of attachments of photo/video to a toggle of options for quality 50-100% for photos, and a resize to max edge, or "constrain ratio" and for video: 16:9/4:3 and then common sizes, or define your resize option and ratio would be FANTASTIC as an addition to the messenger module settings...   as well as an ON/OFF toggle to enable / disable these transcoding options...i noticed that many android phone users (especially those with the samsung galaxy s series.. have a very hard time with the jot conversation once i've sent them one or two screenshots from my iPad...(only 11mb) should be fine, but it's not.. it drags their device to the dirt. so i would like to send optimization, since a screenshot of ipad only really needs to be 200-300kb, to be readable, but to have options to scale to 1:1 100% quality.i am certain others wish for something similar too. if its too much work to make the pref pane, then ah.. i guess one could just adjust the code, but this is a for the overall vision of the module...it would benefit a great many especially on mobile/handi/poor connection to have this built in.Alexey 
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