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Eine deutsche UNA-Gruppe zur gegenseitigen Unterstützung für deutschsprachige Mitglieder.

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Content Sharing Platform

Lapixi is a content sharing platform for the free and paid provision of various web content. What and how much you post (text, images, videos, live streams) is up to you. 

Anyone who offers content can only approve it for "special fans" and charge periodic subscription fees of any amount. Users who want to comb through Lapixi for content must first register on the platform. Basically, you will find a wide variety of content creators with a wide variety of content on Lapixi. 

This goes through profiles of artists and musicians, models through more or less well-known influencers. 

We wish you a lot of fun on our new platform, because there is a lot to discover!

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Just present your UNA project with the link to your network and a short description. Maybe u can get more followers and help.

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This group is for people who like help each other or like learn a little bit about HTML / Css and templates.


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