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I dont know, if this was reported here in der forums before.

A in a forum post is not linked correctly and brings an error 500. After clicking the this is the URl of the page showing the error


Hashtags in Popular Hashtags Block work fine...

Using 13beta, hosted by UNA, all mods updated

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I'd like to allow a to be owned by or attributed to the person that first used it on my site. By default in Studio -> Channels, "Default author for automatically created channels" was not set. In that configuration, I had to manually create channels/hashtags to show in page/channels-home. Today I set up an Organization so that I could populate the "Default author for automatically created channels" with that Org's name in hopes that that would get the system to start collecting automatically hashtags and adding them to page/channels-home. Is that the correct way to get the system to automatically collect hashtags when people use new ones? Will those new hashtags be attributed to the authors of those new hashtags? 

Thanks in advance for any info on this mechanism!


I have a set of tests that show that / work (at least after) assigning a "Default author for automatically created channels," but maybe even before that (untested). The takeaway is: if you're busy manually creating / , then it is possible you are assuming they are not being added to the page automatically; and also it might be required that you create an (alternative account) and then assign it as "default author" in the app. God only knows how it really works because there's really no solid for most of this, but I suggest creating a second catch-all account (an Org), and then assign it as "Default author for automatically created channels" in the app. After that, creating NEW should show up automatically on the page.

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Hi Guys,

I want to make one as mandatory in text field of post module.

Is it possible to use regular expression option in text field of post module to achieve this.

can someone help me out with this ..


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Hi Guys,

I want to use instead of category. can anyone make the change in post module. or create a post module like this.

I think we can hide category option and create a new module for . can anyone develop module for option.

Also is it possible to disable status update and keep only post module.

Thanks and Regards,

Travis K

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I'm testing features for a new site and having trouble with the ...

1 - When publishing an 'Update' with a , it only goes to an error 'This page isn't working' regardless of user/permission settings. Is it a limitation of publishing an 'Update' versus a 'Post'?

2 - When using a within a 'Post' it will produce a 'page was not found' error UNLESS the 'Edit Any Channel' option is enabled, then it will allow the user to see the Channel page. My problem is that is allows the user to delete the channel, even though the permission is disabled. Is there another section of Permissions or Channels that I should check?

Is there a better way to allow users to follow hashtags?

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