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Make your own Fiverr alternative marketplace for your niche or your country with this Module.Your users can publish their gig jobs and get hired by others, it works great with all payment options.Features:Persons and Organizations can publish their gig jobs and add sample files* in their publicationThis files are downloadable by everyone, this is useful for adding extra files in original format so the customers can see the job quality they will get when they hire a gig.They can hire each othersIt creates a new PROJECT page for each gig hired.The client can message to the seller/workerThe seller/Worker can message to the clientThe client can add files to the project (accepts video, audio, photos and zip files)*The Seller can add deliveries with text and files (accepts video, audio, photos and zip files)*The client can reject the deliveryThe client can accept the deliveryOn delivery accepted, the project status changes to completed and it is displayed in read-only mode.When project is in read-only mode, messages are locked and buttons for for adding files and deliveries are not displayedNotifications are send on:Client hire a gigClient adds a messageClient adds filesClient rejects deliveryClient accepts deliverySeller adds a messageSeller adds deliveryClient can rate the gig hiredLists and PagesGigs storefront (home page)LatestFeaturedPopularTopUpdatedCategoriesSearchChangelog:Version 1.1.0: June 17, 2022Fixed database errors in UNA 13Version 1.0.3: March 08, 2022Added compatibility with UNA 13Version 1.0.2: August 02, 2021Bugfix: Cron error fixed.Update Version 1.0.1: May 08, 2021:Bugfix. Privacy issue in messages was fixed in this version, now the messages from the project's page are not displayed in timeline.This is a simple solution for making a Fiverr clone alternative or Upwork clone alternative for your own social network.*Important: The videos, photos and audios uploaded will not be transcoded, they remain in their original format. Sellers and clients need to download the files to be able to watch them. This is made on purpose to avoid losing quality of the original files sent by the client and seller.
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