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Hi, I setup a server for just friends and family, everything is working all permissions are fine apache 2.4 is fine and PHP 8 is fine. all audits are fine, fairly new installation, using UNA 13 RC1, server audit all "ok" Cron Jobs working, file and folder permissions are fine as well, I know it's an RC1 release, all modules auto updates on their own just yesterday, oembed\emeding works youtube etc.. only anything uploaded images and videos do not display

Dec 29 16:50:17 [5] /image_transcoder.php?o=bx_persons_thumb&h=10&dpx=1&t=1672332553 [bx_persons_thumb] ERROR: storeFileLocally_Storage failed, getting file from URL ../storage.php?o=bx_persons_pictures&f=wyvyr2vgvaybhjlblctkjaki9zjzyvgr.jpg) failed

When I look at the file on the server I see this wyvyr2vgvaybhjlblctkjaki9zjzyvgr instead of wyvyr2vgvaybhjlblctkjaki9zjzyvgr.jpg

It's not urgent I am just testing to see how UNA works and may use it once I see how everything works, so I can rebuild UNA site anytime as I have direct access to the server (Linux)

And to be honest I really don't need any transcoding for images or videos, as this is a very small deployment, but in the near future may go big

Any suggestions, again not important take your time



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Does this template have a hamburger menu when viewed on a tablet or phone as a web site? If so where are the settings for this? If not, why not. I tried to build an ios app but something to do with messenger video would not pass making it difficult for apple products without a menu.

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Hello - I'm Looking for feedback. Those of you who use Stripe and subscriptions, how do you manage cancellations? Do you do it via Stripe or your site? I see it can be done in both places- but Is there any reason you choose one or the other?

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