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  • Thank you!!!

    In summary, if you have a UNA site and you want your members to be able to sell things, you need to install and configure both the and apps. The configuration is pretty straight forward, but each seller on your website must configure their own payment credentials.

    There are 2 different potential sellers on your website: you, on behalf of your website, and the members, where they can sell their own things (if you have allowed this in configuration).

    If you want to sell things yourself, from your own website, like a Store or Shop feature, then you also need to configure credentials in Studio > Payments > Main seller (To sell on behalf of the site). To do this, you can set Main Seller to yourself, or to an that you create. If you sell with the name of an Organization, you need to install and configure Organizations, and then create one that represents your website.

    In any event, you will need to configure how to receive payments from members, and likewise, members will have to configure how they will receive payments from other members. This configuration is done in your Profile > Payments

    Here in Profile > Payments you will see the options. The only one that I know that is functional is PAYPAL. To reduce the amount of confusion you might get from your members when they try to configure payments, it might be worth considering disabling all other payment options except PAYPAL. You can toggle on and off which payment providers you want to to use on your site here: Studio > Payments > Providers. For my website, I only use PAYPAL, but maybe the others will work for you. Keep in mind that the more providers you allow to be used, the more it might confuse members that are trying to configure payment settings in their profile.

    Lastly, to configure payment settings for PAYPAL, go to Profile > Settings > Payments and select the payment provider you will use to accept payments from members that want to buy things from you or your website. Here are the settings I use:

    Active should be checked ON.

    Mode should be live.

    Business should be your PayPal Business account sigh-in email address.

    Process Type should be PDT.

    Identity Token you will get from this page:

    On this PayPal website page, you need the following:

    Auto Return should be ON.

    Return URL should be entered and saved, and it can be found at the bottom of Profile > Settings > Payments. On my website, the URL is https://Witches.Community/m/payment/finalize_checkout/paypal/3 (as an example)

    Payment Data Transfer should be ON. When you turn this ON, the Identity Token will show. That Identity Token needs to be entered on Profile > Settings > Payments > Identity Token

    Encrypted Website Payments should be ON.

    PayPal Account Optional should be OFF. (turning it ON can cause PayPal to reject the interaction)

    Back on Profile > Settings > Payments, should be empty.

    Now, this information works for me, but it might not be exactly what you need for your website. This is just what works for me on my site after 3 days of research. If you have more information to add to this, please comment here so that others can learn what works for you on your website.

    Edit (the next day) For Binary downloads that a seller sells, ... sellers (and you as Admin, if you are also a seller, or your Organization), should set Type to VERSION and Version to 1.0.0 for the download (binary zip) to show after the purchase. If you don't set this to VERSION and set the Version to 1.0.0 then the download item will not show after the member has payed for it! Also, you must click Use As Main ON.

    UNA Themes thank you for your time and patience. I'm going to take this information to my site and have a seller use these instructions to set up payments so they can sell and other members can buy. I'll check back here if there's any issues with my tests.

    • Okay thank you!

      This means that to sell, my members must have a Business account with . Okay. Next, we have Identity Token and and Sandbox. You have said that Sandbox is a testing environment, so this can be left blank... I have a small UNA site and I want to go live right away, I will leave Sandbox blank/empty.

      Now, the entire question comes down to this....and this is what EVERYONE setting up and app need to know. It all comes down to the Identity Token. How do we get an Identity Token?

      I have a Business account. I have access to Developer pages. 

      Here are some pages that may be involved, but they do not show an Identity Token:

      I found something called BrainTree on one of those pages, and it allows to create an Access Token that starts with something like: access_token$production$.......  Is this the correct token?

      Do you have any more information on how to obtain an Identity Token?

      Thank you very much, UNA Themes 

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      Really, not having cash payment module for membership subscription is a huge limitation. internet users should be able to make cash transfer, while admin confirm their membership upgrade manually upon payment confirmation. I wish i can have this done for me to solve the payment problem I'm encountering.

      i have spent money building two payment gateway only for the payment gateway to denied my project access to their gateway

      I wish i can have a payment gateway that will allow cash transfer for membership.

      if i can see anyone in the community that will. I will be grateful.

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        • I have not herd anything abut this, please can someone help

          • hello @pillarcom yes it's possible. So much can be done on the Unaverse.

            1.) The buyer must actually initiate the transaction as if he wants to subscribe, then seller should check is pending order @ to approve.

            2.) Another method is for seller to process as manual order @ After client has made payment, click on "manual order", select the client, add order id (you can put any random characters or client payment no to serve as tran id), then select "paid level" and choose the membership item client paid for and submit to add.

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            There is a serious challenge right now. @AQB Soft @Anton L @Igor Lebedev @LeonidS @Alexander

            i referred a user (Ibraheem T Adeyinka) who register as my referral (see Screenshot ) , he upgraded is membership level to a paid plan with UNA credits on the platform ( (see Screenshot ). the affiliate system does not pay me commissions for the referral (see Screenshot please can someone help me out in getting this project resolved. maybe I'm not getting the config right

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              Still testing my project but i noticed users are being limited from withdrawing all there money.

              @Anton L @AQB Soft @Igor Lebedev @LeonidS please see the screenshot to see what I mean, maybe I'm not getting the configuration right. users cant withdraw all their money. for example, this screenshot shows that the user can only withdraw 10% of his money. where do i adjust the setting so that users can withdraw all their money.


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                Hello, please my Protean (default) text is dark. each time i created content that is text, i have to manually change the text to white before it can be visible. please how can I adjust the default text color so that it display white instead of black as seen in the image below. thanksimage_transcoder.php?o=sys_images_editor&h=477&dpx=1&t=1655994759

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