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Side menu mockups 

PM for more info and cost.



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If you need to add more pages to be publicly available without login in the mobile apps then you can add such list of such pages here:

Studio > Nexus > Settings > Comma separated list of pages URIs, which are available for guests.

If you need homepage to NOT show login by default, then you need to uncheck this checkbox as well:

Studio > Nexus > Settings > Display custom homepage with login form only

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These bars are part of react-native, so you need to customize it in mobile apps source code App.js file.Change this code:

  renderToolbar () {

             return (



  renderToolbar () {

             return (


yourcolor'}}>Similar approach should work for footer. Also you can add style classand change more design styles, refer to documentation on how to add style sheets

Credit to :  Alex T  

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I'm trying to get the native MobileApp running.

I've completed all the steps but when I build/run the app in the simulator it stalls at the splash screen and goes no further.

The build completes with no errors (only 4 warnings).

Any idea anyone?


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