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This is a great way to monetize your site. Members can pay to become Spotlighted and they will be prominently displayed in Spotlight blocks placed strategically throughout the site. This mod makes a perfect companion to our Premium Featured Members mod.

This functionality is integrated with Persons and Organizations. This can be enabled/disabled in the settings. There are separate page blocks for Persons and Organizations.


  • Unlimited number of members can purchase a Spotlight Spot.
  • Spotlight members are displayed randomly to give everyone a fair chance of exposure.
  • Members have the option to create a message for display in the Spotlight Spot or they can choose to display the contents of their Profile Description.
  • For Persons, it is possible to display information such as Gender, Age and Location along with the Ad description. The visibility of these items can be managed in Studio.


  • Profile Page has Action button to allow purchase of Spotlight Spot.


  • Members can Donate Spotlight Spot to another member.


  • Administrator can create different payment bundles that defines the length of time and cost to purchase featured status (eg. 5 days for 10 Credits).
  • Bundles can be created with Bonus periods. For example, a five day package may not have any bonus but a 30 day package gives an additional 3 days bonus.


  • Members can become Spotlighted by paying with Credits (if Credits mod is integrated).
  • Members can become Spotlighted by paying with Points (if AQB Points mod is integrated).


  • Limit spotlight spot purchase based on membership level
  • Limit spotlight spot purchase donation on membership level
  • Limit bonus period based on membership level


  • Spotlight block will be available on all pages upon installation and automatically added to all pages of any new module that is subsequently installed on the site.


  • Configure the Profile Types that can purchase spotlight spot
  • Configure the Payment Method for purchasing spotlight spot

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This module implements an Dreams section on your site which allows members to post, share, and discuss dreams. This is another module in the Astro collection which compliments our Horoscope, Astrology Match and Personality Match modules.


  • Members can provide their interpretation of dreams that are posted on the site. This is controlled by membership level.


  • When posting a Dream, members can state their Mood after waking up (eg Frightened, Nervous etc).
  • Along with the Mood, the Mood Level can be stated .
  • Pre-defined lists of Dream Moods and Mood Levels are included and this can be managed in the Studio.


  • The lucidity of the dream (on a scale of 1-10) can be selected and this is displayed as a progress bar on the Dream page.


  • Dream Interpreters are displayed on the Dream man page
  • A Hall of Fame page exists that prominently displays a list of the interpreters.


  • Featured, Recent and Categories blocks active by default. 


  • Search functionality to allow searching by Keyword, Category, Mood, Mood Level, Lucidity and Location


  • Members can upload Photos, Videos, and Files with their Dream


  • Members can Like and Comment on an Dream 


  • Members can share a post on Social Media.
  • Members can choose who can access a post (friends only, everyone, etc).


  • Ability of Admin to configure which Membership Levels have the ability to post Dreams.
  • Ability of Admin to restrict viewing access per Dream based on Membership Level


  • Administrator can create and manage Dream Categories.
  • Administrator can set Dream as Featured.
  • Administrator can Post-Moderate Dreams.


  • Members can choose to make an Dream posting anonymously so the identity of the publisher is not revealed


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This is similar to the Sites module that existed in Dolphin. It allows the posting of websites. Posting can be restricted to administrators only or allowed for all members..

Implements the API from to automatically capture the screenshot of the Websites. You will have to create an account on to get your Access and Secret key.

The following details can be included when posting:

Affiliate Url - An associated Affiliate link can be posted for a website. When the website listing is clicked on, the affiliate link will be loaded.

Additional Urls - Other Urls that points to the same site.

Membership Type - What kind of membership exists for the site (whether paid, free, private, invite only etc.)

Site Costs - For paid sites, what fees are involved etc.

Current Promotions - Mainly for paid sites, this provide details of any discounts etc. presently available.

Targeted Audience - Who the website is intended for.

Positive Features - What is good about the site.

Negative Features - What is not so good about the site.

Location and Contact Info - Contact information for the website (relevant for businesses with a physical address etc). This includes :

a) Address 

d) Phone

e) Email


  • Restrict posting based on membership level
  • Restrict who can post Affiliate links based on membership level


  • Access and Secret Key for API Connection
  • Zoom scale of website before screenshot is captured 
  • How long capturing engine waits before screenshot is captured 
  • Format of the screenshot
  • Device used for capturing the screenshot
  • Size of the screenshot in format (width)x(height)


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The UNA version of our Verified Members App is now available with much more features than our Dolphin version.

This App is used to establish the authenticity of members on UNA sites. It allows Administrators to verify members’ information with provided official documents such as Driver's License, Identity Card, Utility Bills, Video Recordings etc.

Members can submit Verification requests based on rules outlined by the Administrator. There is an interface in Studio that allows Administrators to examine submissions and approve or decline the requests.


  • Verification functionality is available for both Persons and Organizations. This can be managed in the Settings for the App.
  • Each Member is automatically assigned a unique verification code. Depending on the method of verification, Administrator can decide that this code must be visible in the verification Media uploaded.
  • Various methods of verification are available. Administrator can ask members to verify by submitting a Photo, Video Recording, Voice Recording, or Document (or a combination of multiple types).
  • Administrator will review submissions and either accept or deny requests. Members are notified via email when a decision is made on their submission.
  • Integrated with the Badges feature so that a Verified Badge is displayed for Profiles that are verified.


  • Ability to turn on/off each media type (Photo, Video Recording, Voice Recording, Document)
  • Ability to allow the upload of a single or multiple media (eg. one photo or multiple photos)
  • Ability to allow or deny a rejected member to re-submit in the future.
  • Ability to turn on/off verification for Persons or Organizations.


  • Admin can edit/manage Submission including posting Notes
  • Admin can approve/reject Submissions
  • Admin can revoke a previously approved Submission
  • Admin can modify the instructions/rules via a language key in Polyglot


  • Page block with details about Verification and call to action to get verified


  • Page blocks to display Verified Persons and Organizations


  • "Get Verified" button is displayed in Actions Menu.
  • "Verify Profile" button is available to Moderators/Administrators to grant verified status to a member.
  • Displays a block with a Verified Seal for Verified Members
  • Admin can decide to show a Not Verified Seal on the Profile page of non-verified members. This will encourage them to get verified. This feature can be turned off if desired.


  • Additional Menu Items are available in the Main Menu for both Persons and Organizations Apps to allow browsing of Verified Profiles.




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Some websites will have particular moderators or content posters who will post meaningful information of value to the entire community. It is therefore desirous for the rest of the community to follow their activities.

The Auto Follow App allows the Site Administrator to assign Profiles (Persons or Organizations) that all members who register on the site will auto follow.

It is possible to enable/disable this functionality for Persons and Organizations in the settings.


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