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Our Compliments App is now available for UNA. This allows members to send each other compliments.

Features include:

Option to limit integration with specific Profile Types (Persons, Organizations).

Comes preloaded with some default compliments but has the option to add a different set of Compliments. Each compliment can be limited to a specific Profile Type so it is possible to have business-oriented compliments for Organizations but more social-oriented ones for Persons.

Compliments block with compliments received will appear on the profile page.

Profile page has menu option to give Compliment. This is managed by membership level so you can optionally choose to make this available as a Premium feature. Additionally, it can be used as a supplemental badge system where the giving is limited to Administrators only.

Integrated with on-site notifications

Compliments can be used on Social, Business, or Educational Sites. It can also be used for gamification if desired.


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