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This module allows site administrators to create an Online Radio portal on the site where members will be able to listen to radio streams all day. This will give members another good reason to stay on the site. Site Members can also be given access to post stations also.

Upon installation, thousands of Stations will be imported to populate Radio Station section of your Website.

Stations are grouped by Category, Region, or Country where it is located. 

Stations can be Internet-based only.

Stations can be browsed by Latest, Popular, Top, or Featured.




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Enhance the entertainment aspect of your site. Allow members to create profiles of their favorite bands.

This has all the features of Groups along with additional features, some of which are listed below :

  • Ability to browse local Bands
  • Ability to post Social Connection Booking details
  • Ability to post media for a Band (Videos, Music, Photos)
  • Polls are integrated with Bands

There is a review feature that allows posting star-rating feedback.


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The App adds a new interesting feature on your site. It will allow your users to create music contets. Contest author may not take part in the competition, but if he wants he can became a one of the competitors. A contest may have 2, 3 or 4 competitors. The max number of competitors for the contest is selected by its author during the creation. A contest automatically starts when necessary number of competitors was collected. When contest was started the other site members may vote and/or comment for contest's music. During the contest creation the author should select its duration (in days). The duration starts to decrease immediately after the contest collected necessary number of competitors (started). When duration ends the contest will be automatically finished and competitors collect their scores. Main features:

  • Create a music contest.
  • Use categories to organize contests better.
  • Specify location (if it's needed).
  • Attach image which can help to describe a contest better and also make it more attractive.
  • Each contest has its own page with user friendly layout.
  • Share a contest's page in social networks.
  • Use Privacy settings to control an access to a contest view page and contest participation.
  • Vote for some music and comment it on afterwords.
  • Comment on a contest itself. User may do it without giving his vote to any competitor.
  • Author and all competitors will be notified when contest was started/finished.
  • Browsing capabilities:
    • Recent Contests block on home page.
    • Latest Contests page.
    • Popular Contests page.
    • Using categories.
    • Using search by keyword.
    • Using advanced search form.
    • In UNA's Timeline.
    • etc.
  • Manage contests tool, which allows to easily manage your own contests in one place. Advanced members (moderators and administrators) can also manage all contests on the site using the tool.
  • Administrator can limit a number of possible competitors per contest.

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A great deal for site owners who want to add new interesting features to their sites. Now you may get contests modules listed below with 25% discount.

  1. Music Contests - $29
  2. Photo Contests - $29
  3. Video Contests - $29

Total is $87 but you'll get it for $60 only.

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