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This simple module allows you to add an "Online friends" block to your site. The block shows to a user his .
The module is simple and yet functional. It allows to show either a full profile card or a compact custom one. In case a Messenger module is installed it also allows to get into a chat with a member right from a block.
By default the module adds the "Online friends" block to homepage and to member's dashboard, but the block can be copied to any page.

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    Added a product to , online

    This module adds an interactive of for all kinds of content like profiles, events, videos, timeline posts, etc. Anything that supports field. It allows members to filter locations by types. All locations are clickable. Alternatively it can be configured to show only one type of locations (lets say members only) and in this case the filters section will disappear automatically, so the entire map will be showing locations of online members only and nothing else.

    It supports a variety of map providers and styles, including Maps, , and many others. A lot of maps providers/styles examples you can find by this link: Most of these providers are free to use, which means that you don't have to pay anything in order to display the maps on your site.

    Also you may be interested in Nearby People module which shows a real time location of online members and in Location Picker module which allows to use Location field without having to use Google Maps.

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      • Now that UNA 11 is here, what, if anything, has actually changed regarding this Locations Map module? Specifically, is this statement from a year ago still valid? 

         "But the Location field on your forms still relies on Google's services, i.e. you must configure your Google API keys in order for that field to work properly."

        Can older UNA site users now edit their profiles and have a Location field which this module can display onto the map? Or should the data from UNA 10 work - that is, display on the map. 

        The reason I ask is because nothing shows up on the map... 

        • The Locations Map module shows only what is already stored in a DB. If nothing shows then this means that there is nothing in a DB, i.e. locations aren't set for any type of content. 

          A content entry must somehow get its location defined. In UNA 11 out of the box this is being done using the Location field which relies on Google places API. 

          If you for some reason can't use Google services then there is an alternative: Location Picker module which provides an interactive map in place of a Google driven location field on all content add/edit forms.

        • Thank you for the prompt update. And for the private replies also. 

          This is the 3rd module I have purchased from AQB. The modules and service have been outstanding.

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