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  • Thank you LeonidS 

    Let me ask there any mechanism that would automatically give/assign a specific to a member if they paid a monthly fee, or would I have to see the purchase on and then manually assign the badge? (I realize there is a way to have Paid Membership Levels, but can we do the same thing with Badges?)

    • Okay thank you!

      This means that to sell, my members must have a Business account with . Okay. Next, we have Identity Token and and Sandbox. You have said that Sandbox is a testing environment, so this can be left blank... I have a small UNA site and I want to go live right away, I will leave Sandbox blank/empty.

      Now, the entire question comes down to this....and this is what EVERYONE setting up and app need to know. It all comes down to the Identity Token. How do we get an Identity Token?

      I have a Business account. I have access to Developer pages. 

      Here are some pages that may be involved, but they do not show an Identity Token:

      I found something called BrainTree on one of those pages, and it allows to create an Access Token that starts with something like: access_token$production$.......  Is this the correct token?

      Do you have any more information on how to obtain an Identity Token?

      Thank you very much, UNA Themes 

      • UNA Themes thank you for the information! Okay, so I have disabled CREDITS and PAYPAL API from Studio > Launcher > > . The only Provider that is now active (turned ON) is PAYPAL

        Now on my site, in my Settings for my personal account, there is a Payments tab. On that screen, I now only have active PAYPAL

        On that same screen, I have Active checked ON (it's active)

        Mode is Live

        Business is my Business account login email address.

        Process Type is set to .

        We also have Identity Token and Sandbox. Before I sort Identity Token and Sandbox out, let me ask this: Does everyone on my UNA website need a Business account, or can they simply have a Personal account, in order to sell things on my site?

        In order to get an Identity Token and a Sandbox, does everyone selling need a Business account or a Personal account on ?

        Thank you very much for helping me understand this. Once I have this working, I will write a brief tutorial for people.

        Added a discussion to , PayPal
        Hello, wonderful people,Just a suggestion for the Payments app. I do not have , and I've never used Venmo, but everyone I know uses Venmo. This Gig Economy thing is still going strong, and people use Venmo for sending and receiving . Like...everyone does. I don't know if Venmo has the tools like does...but it is a suggestion to investigate that potential for the Payments App.
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        Added a discussion to , PayPal
        Hi beautiful people,I've got and and other things installed. Payments works great, no issues there ( ). I'm not sure what we're doing wrong, but, after paying for something successfully, I don't see an option to download it (on my site). So, a member on my site added a , which is an e-book zipped up. I can see it was uploaded successfully as a zip. The member set the price at $1 (on USD, for testing). When I buy the product (the zipped up e-book), the sale completes successfully via PayPal, as expected. The page redirects to nowhere significant (that's something I'll have to fix next time). But when I go back to the page the product is being sold on (and where I bought the product from), it does not show any link to download the product. On the sellers side, she shows the payments are going through perfectly fine, every time...but after the sale, there's no link to download the purchased item. Thanks for any suggestions about where I missed something in of the market app, I appreciate you all!
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